We go to IUIGA for affordable sofas, fluffy towels, scent diffusers and fake hipster plants, but vibrators? Well, we didn't see that one coming. And um, pardon that pun.

The home furniture and lifestyle store soft launched a new category called "Sexual Wellness" a few days ago, retailing four models of vibrators in pretty pastel colours that look less like lewd sex toys and more like designer home decor items that will look oh-so-cute on your bedside table, or even your living room shelf, if you're so open and bold?

They retail only on the brand's online store for now, and a spokesperson tells 8days.sg that they have been selling well, even though they have not been officially launched and have only been available for a few days. Guess there is a market for mass market sexual wellbeing products that don't require you to patronise a sex shop or go into a specialist sex products website. Buy a cushion, a bathroom mat, a toilet brush and a vibrator in the same check-out? Why not?

According to the press release, IUIGA hopes to "push new boundaries and spark new conversations on culture and contemporary sexual wellness in socially conservative Southeast Asia." There are plans for eight intimacy massagers to be released, and four are currently available online for a pre-launch price range of $69.90 or less. 

Here they are.