Is Green Hair For You? You'd Be Surprised.

Tips and crazy colours from the hair experts at TIGI.

I have green hair now. Strange but true. I don't look like a walking salad though, or like the Joker or a manga character. Not even close. I don't even look half as as edgy/punk as the model you see in the pic above. But make no mistake, my hair is quite obviously green. Some parts of it, anyway. 

8 days green hair tigi1

As you can see, it's not all green, and that's probably the key. After all, not everyone can carry off a whole head of green, or blue, or even those less 'weird' colours, such as pink or purple. The hair experts at TIGI know this very well. To do PR for the opening of the new TIGI salon at Orchard Gateway (it opens in mid-June), and the re-launch of TIGI hair products (remember those iconic Bed Head products?), TIGI hair honchos have flown into town to do training for salon staff and makeovers for media. Andy Cheong, the regional education director of TIGI Colour, tells us that when it comes to using strong colours, such as the brand's bold new Colour Trip collection, it's all about having a focal point: "For very strong colours like with the Colour Trip collection, it will be too heavy if you use colour on the whole head. So we look at a focal point, to emphasise the colour. It's like an accent, to create contrast and make the person’s look more interesting. I did a nice blue violet accent for a client, 'cos she didn't want something too strong. It was just pieces at the side and she looked great."

tigi colour trip model bluebell1
You don't need to do crazy colours on your whole head — pieces of red, pink and orange create interesting textures and are more wearable for everyday life. 

According to Andy, the tone of the hue you choose is of utmost importance too. He says, "There are warm and cool tones for hair colour. We are coming up with a lot of cool tones, which work well for Asian skin, which is very warm. A cool hair tone neutralises a warm skin tone and brightens the complexion. Sometimes, it's more about the tone than the actual colour. For example, red is a warm colour, but we can still mix the colour to give it cool tones that would be suitable for Asians. Now, violet is very in, and it's great for Asian skin. Green and blue are also very popular. But it's not a dirty green — it’s very subtle. If you’re funky enough, you can have a few tones. Green, blue, violet and pink, but not on the whole head. Just accents. We can also hide the strong colour on the inside of the hair. So if you're going clubbing, you can style it to be more visible and make the strong colour pop. Then at work, you can cover it up."  

For me, I stuck to two tones, green and blue, and the effect was natural (it's only very obvious under sunlight). It was put over my existing patches of pre-lightened (a gentler version of bleached) hair, so it looks natural, not overwhelming — just accents of interesting colour. In fact, the blue was undetectable until after a few washes. 

tigi colour trip model nicole 21
If you have the attitude and dress sense to pull off whole head-strong colours, by all means go crazy. Otherwise, you can use strong colours in more subtle ways. 

According to Ralf Boss, the TIGI Education Director for Asia and South Pacific, the hairstyle to look out for this year is something a little retro and '70s-inspired. He says, "We're seeing a lot of '70s elements at the moment. Like a longer outgrowing fringe. (Think Farah Fawcett's fringe flip.) You blow dry your hair super flat and have the flyaway ends. The look is soft, nearly blurry. I think that’s the next trend. It’s not so much the cut — it’s how you blow dry it and style it. In Asia, everybody does the rounded ends a lot. It's a sweeter look. But the British go super flat. There's zero volume — your hair is like a millimeter from your head. It looks very futuristic, and is much more edgy."

tigi bed head 8 days products
TIGI Bed Head products used to be super-popular in the 90s, but have faded a little from consumer consciousness. Expect the iconic products, with their cheeky packaging, to come back in a big way with the launch of TIGI's first-ever professional salon in Singapore this year.  

The TIGI salon is at #B1-02 Orchard Gateway, and will open in mid-June. It's a six-seater salon with a retail space, headed by Hidero Nakagami, the Creative Director of the first-ever TIGI professional salon in Singapore.

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