Here’s one thing you need to know about how atas Madonna’s skincare brand is: Her Madgesty doesn’t remove a clay mask by wiping, scrubbing or washing her famous face — that’s just so messy, not to mention plebeian. Instead, her clay mask flies off her face, into the air, and attaches neatly onto a handheld device that looks like a sex toy. For someone with Madonna’s kind of living legend-like mystical aura, this seems perfectly appropriate.

And now, with the launch of her skincare line in Singapore, you too can experience this magic. A result of Queen M’s collab with MTG, a high-end Japanese beauty company that specialises in cutting-edge skincare technology (they make the popular ReFa rollers), the local outpost of MDNA Skin opened at Takashimaya last month — it’s a pop-up for now, while the actual counter will be ready in July. Another feature of the skincare label, which currently has nine products, that screams “diva” is that it only uses mineral-rich thermal waters from the famed Montecatini spa, and Montecatini clay.

The packaging is sexy and luxe, replete with organic curvy lines and high-end shine. Besides the Queen herself’s fave, The Rose Mist ($185 for 150ml; Madge apparently has one in every room in her house), the other star is the Rejuvenator Set, a $890 baby that comes with the Chrome Clay Mask and the Skin Rejuvenator device. It all comes in a three-tier velvet-lined box that makes you want to stroke it reverentially and wonder if contained within are the elixir of youth and a magic wand.

The road test
I carefully applied the mask onto my face with the shiny spatula — the black potion is thick, creamy and luxe, and smells like heaven. After seven minutes, during which I hummed “Material Girl” and “Like A Virgin”, it was time for the fun part. I had seen videos of magnetic masks being sucked from faces with similar devices, but still wasn’t quite prepared for how weird it felt. Because of the magnetic properties in the clay, the clay literally flies off your face and onto the magnetic end of the Skin Rejuvenator wand. There’s a strange feeling of something pulling against your skin, and to be honest, I was shocked by the first ‘suck’ and how strong it was. But after that, it was super cool to watch the black stuff flying off my skin and amassing onto the wand, which is sheathed in a plastic cover. I needed about four to five disposable covers to accumulate all the mask ‘shavings’. Even then, there were some bits of black residue left on my face, but it was nothing a bit of water couldn’t remove. I bet when Madonna’s facialist does it for her, every single molecule of clay is sucked clean off her flawless 59-year-old mug. The reason for all this magnetic hocus pocus is that the clay is effectively sucked up, along with impurities attached, and you get a deep cleansing effect without skin pulling or tugging. After the mask is removed, I turned the wand around to use the other end, called the Infusion Head, to gently massage my face. It apparently detect skin’s moisture levels to deliver the residual moisturising serum from the clay mask to exactly where my skin needs it most. Wow.

After the at home spa treatment, my skin felt moisturised, clean and supple, like a baby’s bottom. Is it worth it for the price? Maybe, if you can save on going to salon facials. But be warned, the 50ml clay mask can last for a couple of months, if you use it once a day. And the 50 mask remover sheaths included in the set will last you, um, 10 days, if you use five each time. While you don’t have to be a multi-million dollar-earning, grammy-hoarding pop icon to afford this, you better not be a dirt-poor church mouse either.

The MDNA Skin pop-up counter is at Takashimaya Level 1 (opposite passenger’s lift lobby).

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