How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster & Other Burning Questions About Hair

John Frieda haircare expert and stylist Ken Hong answers 5 haircare questions.

There are times when hair serum just isn't available, and you are tempted to soothe frizzy hair ends with that hand cream at the bottom of your handbag. is  Or maybe you've wondered if your regular hairstylist really can tell if you've been to a rival salon for a quick trim in between appointments (come on, it's just once and it was for convenience's sake right?). We get hairstylist Ken Hong to dispel some haircare myths. 

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#1 Can we use skincare on our hair?
"The structures of skin and hair are totally different. Skincare is designed to be absorbed into the skin, whereas our hair roots are protected by follicles (a sac containing cells and connective tissues) and cannot absorb the skincare. It would be a waste to use expensive skincare on your hair! It doesn’t help anyway. I don’t think it will damage your hair, but greasy hand creams may cause your hair to be covered in an oily layer that shampoo can’t easily wash away."

#2 How do we make our hair grow faster?
"It helps to wash your hair every day, ’cos you get rid of the dirt buildup on your scalp so that hair can grow, but it’s not a miraculous solution lah."

#3 Can our regular stylist really tell if we ‘cheated’ on them?
"Yes, definitely. But it’s very normal for clients to hop to other stylists for appointments at short notice, or if they've heard that other stylists are good. As a hairstylist, I don’t feel upset about this lah. There’s always someone out there better than you! And there are lots of reasons why a client would leave for another stylist — it could be due to budget, or maybe they feel a particular stylist doesn't suit them anymore."

#4 How do I cut my own bangs at home?
"Divide the hair that you want to cut into sections, and snip off a little at a time. You can’t cut off everything at one go or it will end up looking very uneven!"

#5 How do we protect our hair if we want to dye our locks in rainbow colours?
"Unfortunately this trend [which involves bleaching] makes hair very dry and brittle. Colourful hair is very high maintenance and you will need to touch up the colours frequently. But try not to over-bleach your hair — maybe once every three to four months at the most. The occasional bleaching will make your hair slightly more dry than usual, but just do your usual shampoo and conditioning routine and it should be fine."

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