How To Look Radiant In Just Five Minutes

The secret is strobing. And Guerlain has been doing it since 1987.

“We’ve been strobing since 1987!” declares Guerlain International make-up artist Jose Luis when he was in town recently. Who knew the heritage French make-up and beauty brand was this ahead of the curve? Strobing is still a buzzword these days on catwalks and YouTube beauty tutorials, but Guerlain has apparently been strobing up a storm since 1987, when they launched their famous Meterorites powder. Strobing has been hailed as the new contouring. While contouring can give you a hard, overly-angular look, strobing is basically highlighting, the art of bringing light to the right parts of the face to bring on a natural, dewy glow. Jose Louis has more beauty tips and secrets here:

#1 Do this to look radiant in just five minutes.
“Strobing is using a highlighter to catch the light. For an easy trick to look radiant in just five minutes, use the Meteorites powder to draw a “g” around the eyes, round the nose and on the chin. The formula of the powder will catch the light and make the face radiant.”

The latest incarnation of Guerlain's famous Meteorites powder: The Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls, $115

#2 If you use only one make-up item, make it lipstick.
“If a women needs just one cosmetic, it’s lipstick. Lipstick for women is like the beard for men — it’s the perfect accessory. It’s important that a woman have a red lipstick ’cos that is totally Parisian and the most elegant colour. Add a gloss on top of that, and it becomes very sexy. After that, you need a pink lipstick, it gives you a fresh look. An orange lipstick reminds me of holidays and summer time. We have a new orange shade called Sunglasses — I love this colour for the weekend. You also need a beige or a nude colour for a healthy glow.”

The French essential: The new La Petite Robe Noire lipstick in Ruby Ring, $46

#3 After red lipstick, the other essential for a woman is the LBD.
“The little black dress is a must, and we now have a new little black dress to dress the lashes in our La Petite Robe Noire (Little Black Dress) range — the La Petite Robe Noire Mascara, an all-in-one mascara with a balloon brush to give volume, curl, length and definition. It comes in intense black — only one shade — the perfect little black dress.”

The LBD for your lashes: The new La Petite Robe Noire Black Lashdress Mascara, $54

Main photo: Chee Yan

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