The dengue outbreak situation continues to be worrisome, with 1,678 people diagnosed in the last week alone, a 16 per cent increase over the previous week's figure. It will be the fifth week running where cases topped 1,000, and these high infection numbers are unprecedented. Yikes. Read on for some ways to get rid of mozzies and prevent dengue. (Updated July 14)

While Singapore’s battle with Covid-19 is taking centrestage, there’s another fight that’s buzzing on the sidelines — Dengue. There were 1,468 dengue cases reported in the week ending June 27, according to the NEA website. It was the third consecutive week that the weekly number of reported dengue cases has exceeded 1,000, and the highest number of weekly dengue cases ever recorded in Singapore. With cases on the uptick, dengue cases this year is expected to exceed the 22,170 cases reported in 2013, the largest dengue outbreak in Singapore’s history.

Yikes. The recently-rainy weather and the fact that more of us are staying home in non air-con environs don't help. Since this writer is living in a dengue cluster, we’ve taken to spraying dark corners of the rooms, as well as toilet and kitchen drains, with insecticide, and shutting all the windows and turning on the air-con in the whole house from 6pm (yeah, imagine the electricity bill, but we don’t want to get mozzie bites or dengue).

Here are some other less costly ways of busting those annoying mosquitoes. Some work better than others, and some we’ve heard are pretty useless, depending on the severity of your mozzie problem. Different ways may work for different people and households, depending on your habits and who lives in your house. Good luck and stay safe. From both Covid-19 and Dengue.