With all the money we invest in skincare and make-up, how is it that very little is spent on scalp care, when it basically sits on the same plane as our faces? In fact, with all the bleaching, perming and styling, coupled with daily sun exposure and sweat, our scalps do need a bit more TLC. If left untreated, various issues could ensue like dandruff, itchiness, sensitivity and premature hair loss.

In humid countries like Singapore, hair loss is very rampant due to the constant alternating exposure to dry air-con environments and outdoor heat. “When you’re outside, the scalp starts to sweat and sebum is produced, then you move into an air-con building, and the oil dries up. Imagine this happening multiple times a day with sebum building up and hardening repeatedly. Coupled with pollution and UV exposure, the follicles become asphyxiated and unable to grow new hair,” says consultant Lawrence Gan from TK Trichokare, a trusted hair and scalp specialist centre in Singapore.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s advisable to wash your hair daily if you live in a humid country, according to Lawrence. “We accumulate close to 13,000 dead skin cells daily, and if you don’t cleanse, bacteria will feed on them and multiply, leading to the inflammation of the scalp and potential skin disease like dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and more.” Scary stuff!

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Unlike regular hair salon treatments, Trichokare’s remedies are customised based on the individual’s scalp analysis, and concocted by a team of in-house trichologists (hair doctors). The combination of new-fangled tech and superior European herbal formulas is why Trichokare has been in the business for well over 13 years and the recipient of many beauty awards.

Very often, hair loss can be treated and prevented with the right course of treatment, such as TriOxy – Trichokare’s award-winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment, ideal for men and women 19 years and up, who have premature thinning hair issues, or ageing and sensitive scalps.

This 150 min treatment + consultation is designed to curb thinning hair and encourage the regrowth of thicker, healthier tresses by reviving the scalp with a series of oxygen-infused steps. Our writer reviewed a session and the results were quite astounding…