“Fujifilm got make-up ah? Why?” utters 8 DAYS’ photographer puzzledly, as though we had just informed him that camera shutters can now double up as eyelash curlers. And the answer is, why not?

Most folks might not know that the Japanese photo and imaging company also owns beauty brand Astalift. It started out specialising in “photogenic beauty” skincare products and a limited range of liquid foundations and powders, all developed according to Fujifilm’s photo-processing know-how — such as using nanotechnology to help your skin absorb skincare better. It’s all linked, okay?

And now, Astalift has rolled out its Flarosso make-up line with eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, blushes, highlighter and powder brushes. Flamingos adorn its super chio packaging, ’cos the make-up contains astaxanthin, a red-hued antioxidant found in Astalift’s products that is also said to give flamingos its signature pretty pink shade and salmon its orange-pink colour.

The range was developed by an Italian team, which is why Flarosso’s name is a portmanteau of flamingos and ‘rosso’, the Italian word for red.

What’s more, the cosmetics line is also supposed to act like a real-life version of photo app Meitu Xiuxiu by brightening your mien where it should be brightened, and strategically adding colour. How? Via two types of photo technologies called Overlay Effect and Edge Effect. It sounds like cheem Photoshop jargon, but simply put, they are meant to boost rich colour saturation and make your look pop in all the right places.

We swipe the products on our face, expecting it to glide on like intense clown paint ’cos it did promise saturation. We were surprised to find that the make-up goes on rather sheer (it’s made by the Japanese after all, who pride themselves on natural-looking make-up). After applying a few layers of product, we saw some colour payoff.

And the reason for the hype over its colour-correcting technology: the make-up reflects light in a hyper-realistic way that makes us look like we were born with dewy-looking rosy cheeks, soft pink lips and sumptuous coffee-coloured eyelids. Even more natural than an expert round of Meitu Xiuxiu-ing. Wowza.

But we also want to know if pro photographers think this is legit. “Can’t really tell in room lighting leh. You need to stand under natural light [to discern the effect],” opines one photog, while another pipes up that our face indeed looks better today, but “maybe because your make-up skills good”.

When we got our photo taken (in natural lighting as most folks do) to test Flarosso’s effects, we could detect a unique, flattering soft glow that lets us pass off as a relaxed tai-tai on her spa day instead of a deadline-crunching journo. Intrigued? Check out our thoughts on the make-up line in the photo gallery.

The Flarosso range is available at all Astalift stores including #03-30 Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Rd, S238877. www.astalift.com.sg.

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