Forget The Juice Cleanse. How About A Soup Cleanse?

Hic Juice launches Hic Soup. It's still all liquid, though.

Maybe we're imagining it, but Hic's new soup range  — low in sodium, gluten-free and diary-free! —  may just make chugging down nothing but liquids all day a teeny bit easier. We're typing this as we're nursing a bottle of Watercress Zucchini soup, and we swear it's like we're actually eating something (are those tiny parsley bits we're chewing?). Maybe it's the savoury-ness of the soups, which you can have warm or chilled, but downing a bowl of Creamy Mushroom soup doesn't feel as much like a diet as it should. The soup range is made of whole foods comprising 21 different vegetables and herbs, which promise to leave you "feeling satiated and nourished."

The Nourish cleanse is available in 1, 3 or 5 day programmes. Prices are $95 (1 day), $235 (3 days) and $395 (5 days). Each day comprises of 6 x 500ml bottles made up of 1 smoothie, 1 pure coconut water and 4 soups. Order from 

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