Does This Psychedelic CC Cushion Work?

More unicorn-worthy make-up that looks fancy, but is it worth your moolah?

The psychedelic-pastel-unicorn trend has been going strong for a while now, with products usually in the form of lippies, highlighters or eyeshadows. But a cushion? At first glance, the Hello FAB 3 in 1 Superfruit Color Correcting Cushion from First Aid Beauty (FAB) with its lavender/pink/green swirls resembles... a slice of psychedelic marble cake. We’re not sure what to expect. Will we end up looking a tribal chief crossed with a My Little Pony? We don’t know!

For those who are new to the whole colour-correcting thing, here’s a quick primer: Lavender and yellow are at opposite ends of the colour wheel, so a purple corrector will cancel out yellow skin tones, which is a common problem for many Singaporean girls. Green cancels out red, so green correctors are great for those with red, inflamed skin. Pink or peach tones help to even out blotchy and sallow skin.

After trying FAB’s new cushion, we’re having some serious mixed feelings towards its colour-correcting properties. It’s not fantastic in eliminating the redness from our face, though it fared better in the brightening department. The finish on the skin — a semi-matte texture with a slight glow — is good, and you can barely feel that it’s there.

This CC cushion boasts a “super fruit extract blend” of dragonfruit, kiwi and blueberry extracts, so think of it as more of a skincare-infused base or primer, rather than an actual product with coverage. Because it has absolutely no coverage. If you prefer your make-up light and natural, you can wear this alone or with concealer.

After two weeks of wearing this Paddle Pop cushion in all kinds of ways (we’ve tried it as a base, a foundation, and on top of foundation), we finally figured out how to maximise its potential: Picture this. It’s midday and your foundation is oxidizing. Your skin is getting redder by the minute and your mien has lost its glow. This compact will cover up any redness and freshen your look, making it look like you’ve just redone your makeup. Gently touch up the problem areas and your face will appear smooth and brightened. Voila!

$59 from Sephora stores.

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