Diana Ser is one of those women who look better and better as they age. At 46, her skin glows, her make-up is perfect and she’s so enviably slim, you wonder how she pushed out three kids, Jake, 12, Christy, 10 and Jayme, 7. In between hosting events and shows on TV, being a Tiger Mum to her three kids and creating content for her Mandarin learning portal, Crazy About Chinese, Diana found time to be the face of make-up brand Max Factor’s new campaign, which celebrates women and their life experiences.

8 DAYS: You’re fronting the You X Max Factor campaign, which celebrates beauty with depth. What is beauty with depth to you?
As a woman and a mother, the experience of having your own children and raising them, even if you didn’t give birth to them — that experience is unique. Because you had to suffer to a large extent, it builds a certain resilience. That gives you depth. And in terms of professional life, when you gain experience and know what you’re good at, you accumulate achievements and that gives you depth, and makes you not just more confident, but more interesting.

What’s your make-up motto: More is more or no-make-up make-up?
At my age, more is more is out of the question. What I do is get my skin in good condition ’cos that really helps to cut down time. Gone are the days when I can just go out barefaced, like when I was in my 20s. Now, I have to have at least sunscreen, concealer and a bit of lipstick. A red lipstick is such an easy way to stand out and put some vibrancy in whatever you’re doing, but the wrong shade of red and suddenly you’re 55! I’d think, “You’re not exactly young, so be careful about things. Like the nude lip — I was very insecure about it, but after trying it, I think the nude lip with a glam dress is nice.

If you could just use three items of make-up for the rest of your life, what would they be?
If we were just going out for prata, for example, I’d put on concealer and some colour on my lips. If I had two more minutes, I would line my eyes. Oh yah! Actually eyebrows! Okay then, forget about the eyeliner — I’d do my brows. It would be concealer, lipstick, eyebrows.

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