Yesterday, we stepped through a bright little yellow door, and our minds blew a little. Actually, make that a lot. We'd been given the PR spiel: "revolutionary hair salon experience", "every room is Instagrammable" etc, but we thought, "It's a hair salon. How different can it be?" Well, we're eating our words. Chez Vous Hideaway is like no other hairdressing place we've ever seen, and then some. You know how the traditional hair salon has those big glass entrance walls where everyone can look in, rows of chairs positioned in front of mirrors, maybe a chandelier or two and pretty much the same style throughout? Well, CVH took that old-school design model, chewed it up and spat it out.

No big glass doors, in fact, you enter via a tiny yellow neon-backlit door that makes you feel like you might be going down a secret tunnel, ala Alice in Wonderland. It doesn't open up into a brightly-lit stark white space with adjustable chairs — quite the opposite. What you see is a dim Harry Potter-esque room with renaissance paintings and bookshelves, and nary a salon chair or mirror in sight. The hidden door to the next room is somewhere... and you step into a space that brings forth an entirely different mood. Let's just say the 1,800 square foot space holds surprise after surprise, with seven different Instagrammable zones (much like Sephora Playhouse, if you managed to catch that earlier this year), each with a unique vibe. 

Chez Vous brand director Eugene Teo tells 8 DAYS that the goal was to give their customers a next-level experience and something completely new, in the form of an experiential space where people can relax, have fun, and of course, take an Instagram-load of pictures, while enjoying the service and quality that have made the 23-year-old Chez Vous brand one of the best and most sought-after in the hairdressing industry. 

But enough of us yakking about how immensely, indescribably cool Chez Vous Hideaway is. Look at these pics, then go see for yourself. 

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