Carrie Wong: "I Wouldn’t Call Myself A Clean Freak, But…"

What’s the 23-year-old actress’ biggest skincare mistake?

Earlier this year, Bifesta, the makers of those make-up remover sheets that annihilate a full face of war paint, including the water-proof stuff and long-lasting lippies, in one fell swipe, appointed up-and-comer Carrie Wong as its ambassador. We catch up with the busy actress, currently filming 118 II (now showing on Ch 8) and the alien drama My Friends From Afar (debuts in Nov), to ask for a few skincare and beauty tips.

8 DAYS: You’re the ambassador for Bifesta. Are you a clean freak?
CARRIE WONG: I wouldn’t call myself a clean freak, but my skin and my room must be 100 per cent clean, as that makes me comfortable! I have to make sure I thoroughly remove my make-up after a long day.

What’s your skincare philosophy — the more the merrier or less is best?
Not to say that more is merrier, but I do have a very comprehensive skincare routine for day and night. To me, it is important that women know their skin types and what their skin needs, and use exactly what is needed.

What’s one skincare item you can’t live without?
A good make-up remover! And moisturiser. Removing one’s make-up properly and thoroughly, and moisturising after, is essential.

(S)wipe right: Bifesta’s new Oil-in Makeup remover sheets, which has naturally-derived beauty oil to nourish your skin as you cleanse. $14.50 (40 sheets) and S$3.90 (10 sheets) from Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, NTUC and major supermarkets and departmental stores.

What’s the biggest skincare or make-up mistake you have made?
I once tried a new face mask without checking the ingredients and functions closely, and it made me break out the next day. Also, once, I was too enthusiastic with my blush application, and ended up looking ruddy red!

What’s one skincare or make-up trend that you cannot stand?
Overly thick eyebrows!

Have you ever gone to bed with your make-up on?
I’m ashamed to admit it, but yes! I was so tired from filming that I fell asleep with my make-up and contact lenses on! I felt so terrible after I woke up. I need to sleep with a clean face! Make-up remover wipes, like Bifesta’s, are a godsend for busy women and there’s now no excuse to not remove your make-up before going to bed, or even before you exercise.

Convenience in a pack: Carrie with her Bifesta wipes. We find make-up remover wipes really great for travel. We're sure Carrie agrees. 

What are three make-up or skincare tips you can offer our readers?
Use a good make-up remover! Also, drink lots of water and remember to moisturise and apply sun block. Lastly, use a sleeping mask. When we sleep, it’s the best time for our skin to absorb nutrients and recuperate.

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