Buying And Selling Beauty Products On Carousell: What To Look Out For

Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the best way to buy and sell beauty loot on the platform?

We’ve got tips from super Carouseller @Vforvanity aka Xue Er, a 27-year-old working in the travel retail beauty sector, who has sold over 2,300 beauty products.

If you’re buying...

#1: Search, search, search! “Don’t stop at just one. Compare across sellers before committing to a purchase.”

#2: Get evidence. “Whenever possible, always ask for the proof of purchase from the seller and read the feedback. If the proof of purchase seems dubious, it’s best to give it a miss. After all, you wouldn’t want to be applying mysterious substances on your face!”

#3: Check batch codes. “This is to see if it has been a while since the manufacturing date. I use to decode batch codes and determine the use by date. Beauty products usually have a shelf life of three years or around 12 months (upon opening), but it varies across product types.”

If you’re selling...

#1: Include beauty tips in your description. “You can influence the buying decision and help buyers discover a need they didn’t know they had.”

#2: Share your latest discovery or obsession. “Or talk about your beauty hits and misses, including that last purple lipstick that you thought would look good on your skin tone but ended up being a disaster. Chances are, they’d also have some stories to share and it’s always good to know that someone else has actually been through the same thing.”

#3: Maximise your photo limit on your Carousell listing. “You’re allowed up to four photos per listing, so max it out! Use it to highlight unique details of what you’re selling.”

Photo: Carousell

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