Beauty Confessions Of Skin Inc CEO Sabrina Tan

She made the leap from tech to beauty nine years ago and changed the way people bought skincare when she set up the homegrown skincare brand.

Founder of homegrown beauty brand Skin Inc Sabrina Tan put Singapore on the world map in the beauty industry with the brand’s range of customisable skincare that combines tech and beauty.

Besides allowing customers to do skin checks online and personalising products according to their needs, the brand spearheaded the multi-masking concept, with brand evangelist and K-drama star Son Ye Jin recently in town for the launch.

“Before Skin Inc, I worked in IT for 11 years and was always curious why people were not satisfied despite [the beauty industry being] a billion-dollar industry. We’re all urbanites who are time-starved and constantly confused by what’s happening to our skin. Our skin [condition] changes every 28 days, and 80 per cent of our skin changes is due to our lifestyle and the environment. And there isn’t a system as agile or as smart to follow your lifestyle. I wanted to be the Apple of skincare, to disrupt the industry and be a game-changer,” says the 43-year-old CEO.

"My biggest beauty mistake in the past… Besides not drinking enough water, I probably don’t do enough [facial] treatments. To me, lying there for one hour once a month is plain torture. I’d be like, ‘No, don’t cover my eyes!’ or I’d have to talk on the phone at the same time. This was before we developed the Optimizer Voyage [a portable facial device]. I got the idea ’cos I wanted to do facials on the plane. I travel so much and I have eczema and my skin flares up, so when I land, I’m usually in no condition to see the media or do photoshoots and I wanted to change that.”

"I rinse my face with only water in the morning… ’cos I have very dry skin. After that, I use a mist, serum, moisturiser, BB cream and sunscreen. I do my make-up in the car, not at home. My skincare routine in the morning takes less than one minute. [All in all,] I only take 10 minutes to prep to go out.”

"I never used to believe in sheet masks… and didn’t use to use them. One, it scares my kids. Two, I can’t sit still. Three, it’s a paper mask! All the ingredients are still left [on the mask] when you throw it away. It doesn’t permeate into my skin ’cos the molecules are so big! I was actually inspired by my husband to come up with a multi-masking concept [to mix and match sheet masks of different uses]. He has crow’s feet and wrinkles at his eyes and his skin on the lower part of his face where he shaves flares up. For women, if part of your face is dull but the other part is oily, you can’t use a whitening mask throughout — you have to do whitening in one part and soothing the other.”

"I don’t have a fixed time that I wake up. It could be 4am or 7am. The first thing I do is to pray. Then I’ll pick up my phone to check Instagram and our hashtag, #iloveskininc. After that, I start sending messages to [my team]."

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