Are Fancl Supplements Your Secret Weapon For Fighting Festive Flab?

Two sachets a day keep the turkey and log cake spare tyres away?

First off, let me tell you:  I've just ordered my next month's supply of Fancl's new Calorie Cut and Fat Burner slimming supplements. This is after finishing the two boxes that they gave out during the media launch event — one box is the Calorie Cut pills and the other box is the Fat Burner pills, and they work in tandem.

fancl calorie cut   fat burner
Is losing weight as easy as popping a few pills? The folks from Fancl say their Calorie Cut and Fat Burner supplements can help.

And now, for the PR spiel: These newly-launched products are the new and improved version of Fancl’s popular slimming supplements. Basically, pop one sachet (the Calorie Cut, which contains four small brown pills) before your first meal of the day, and take the second sachet (the Fat Burner, which has six small pills) after the same meal. The preservative-free pills work in tandem to block and burn. The Calorie Cut has black ginger, green tea extract and other ingredients to boost metabolism and block the absorption of carbs, fats and sugars before the body processes them, while the Fat Burner has long pepper extract and L-Carnitine to facilitate the body’s fat-burning process.

8tf3010   fancl dessert
Let them eat cake… and ice-cream and everything else: At the press launch for Fancl’s slimming supplements, media were encouraged to eat desserts guilt-free, after popping some pills, of course.

Sounds too good to be true? We thought so, but decided to give the pills a shot. According to the folks at Fancl, these will help keep you in shape if you don’t exercise, and if you do work out, you will double the fat-burning process and lose weight. We took these while on a holiday and found that while we always put on a kg or two while overseas, these helped us keep the weight gain — and our appetite — in check. Without exercising, the supplements didn’t help us lose weight per se, but definitely helped with maintenance. We can imagine these to be extremely helpful during the gut-busting festive season. Pop these, and then eat — but not overeat — turkey and log cake, and you may find your weight gain less horrific and more manageable than usual. And if you throw in an exercise regimen, you may even lose weight. If it works for you, let us know. 

$68 per box of 30 sachets, from Fancl stores, including Isetan Scotts Level 1, Robinsons Raffles City Level 1 and 313@somerset, #01-19. 

Main photo of model holding a pill: Pexels stock photos

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