A Contactless, Therapist-Free Spa Treatment — Shiok Or Not?

Is there any point to a touch-free spa experience? It all depends on the treatment.

Your shoulders are aching, your muscles are crying for some sweet relief and you’re basically dying for a pampering spa treatment. Yet, you want to avoid unnecessary contact with strangers. What’s a spa addict to do in a pandemic? 

Well, Ikeda Spa is offering what it calls Singapore’s first contactless spa treatment. At the Japanese-themed spa’s Bukit Timah outlet, you’ll be ushered into a (freshly-sanitised) room, after a (masked) spa consultation.

The contactless spa package has, as you must have guessed by now, no massage, and instead offers two of Ikeda’s specialities, the Signature Hinoki Onsen treatment bath and the Ganbanyoku Detox Therapy. 

The Hinoki Onsen has always been a hot favourite (literately) with Ikeda’s customers, and is a nice soak in a bath made of hinoki, which is prized cypress wood once reserved strictly for Japanese royalty, and used for building palaces, temples and shrines. The wood releases mineral oils with soothing scents, anti-bacterial properties and other health benefits. 

In the steaming water infused with all sorts of good things to relax the muscles and sooth the senses, you’ll spend a therapeutic half hour by yourself, no fussing, no touching (from other people). 

ikeda spa hinoki outdoor
The luxe and spacious Hinoki Onsen treatment room aims to transport you to a hot spring in Japan, and let you soak your troubles away. 

The other half of Ikeda’s contactless spa promotion is their Ganbanyoku Detox Therapy, which has been voted the Best Detox Therapy in Singapore. It’s a hot stone treatment where you lie on the Ganbanyoku hot stone bed and just chill, while the black silica lava rock bathes the skin in infrared rays and negative ions to help accelerate metabolism, boost the immune system and complexion, and lift your spirits.

ikeda spa couple bt 1
A couple room at Ikeda Spa. If the idea of a touch-free treatment doesn't float your boat, their usual luxurious massages at the hands of skilled therapists are also available.  

If sitting in a steaming tub of therapeutic soup and lying on a stone bed of good health and good vibes — alone — is your idea of a relaxing time, book it at

So is it shiok? We've tried Ikeda's Hinoki Onsen pre-Covid-19, and it's a legit Japanese onsen experience, where the stress melts away from your tired muscles. The Ganbanyoku Detox Therapy sounds a little less comfortable, because hot stone slab, but folks who have tried it swear by its detox properties and say it's super lulling and they always fall asleep.

Whether or not you think a contactless spa experience is fab, these two treatments are Ikeda's most popular (their massages are really good too), and accordingly to a spokesperson, the response to this promo has been "overwhelmingly positive, with many bookings since the first day of Phase 2."

The Contactless Spa package is $180+ for a first trial (usual price $220+). Ikeda Spa is at 787 Bukit Timah Road, Tel: 6469-8080.


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