987 DJ Germaine Tan Gives Us An Upper Face Make-Up Tutorial And Shows Us Her Secret Weapon & Holy Grail Products

Tips and tricks from the beauty-savvy 25-year-old radio deejay.

She's shown us her amazing $500K Tesla SUV, shared about life during the Circuit Breaker and her boyfriend living in her family's Redhill bungalow, and now, 25-year-old 987 DJ Germaine Tan is going to give us a make-up tutorial on how to make the upper half of your face pop, since most people will have their lower half of their faces covered by masks.

She also reveals her "holy grail" concealer, divulges her make-up "secret weapon", and says things like, "Whenever you think you’ve blended enough, it’s not enough. Blend some more."

Are you ready?


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