You know that palette you've been eyeing since forever, but somehow never wound up buying 'cos 1) You have too many palettes and only one face and 2) It's just a teeeny bit out of your budget? How about that cult mask your bestie says you have to try but you're just not that sure if it'll work for your skin? Well, good news if you're sitting on the fence about a few beauty products sold at Sephora, and if you're a Sephora Gold or Black card member, 'cos the beauty sale to end all sales, ie. the Sephora Gold and Black Sale, where you get 20 per cent storewide discount, on products you actually want (rather than clearance beauty sales where you're just grabbing whatever's available) will happen from April 3 to April 7, at all Sephora stores,, and the Sephora App. 

If you're not the proud owner of a a Gold or Black card yet, there's still time. To become a Black card member, spend $300 within a year (soooo easy!) and to become a Gold card member, spend $1,500 within a year (hmm... not that hard if you're a true blue, or should we say true gold, beauty junkie). 

So, back to the sale. Opening day (April 3, Wed) is reserved for Gold members, and they get to shop from April 3 to April 7, and use the code "GOLD20" when checking out online. Goldies also get a limited edition Stay Gold Tumbler with any purchase in-store or online, while stocks last. 

From April 4, Black members get in on the game, with code "BLACK20 when checking out online, and an exclusive Sephora Rose Gold Table Mirror with a minimum spend of $200 in-store or online, while stocks last. 

Another tip: Add the products you've been thinking about into your cart before the sale — popular items tend to go like hotcakes (hello, it's not every day you get 20 per cent off certain cult items!). 

So... choices, choices, choices. What would you buy if you had 20 per cent off anything and everything in Sephora? We would stock up on our faves, and take the chance to try some items we may not necessarily want to buy at full price. 

Ready to see the 10 items from Sephora we may not splurge on, but at 80 per cent of their usual prices, suddenly become a lot more attractive and accessible? Here we go. 

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