Why we want to vacay with Felicia Chin

Hint: Freebies galore.

Like most of us, Felicia loves shopping overseas.
FELICIA: I travel really light. I like to buy things I need when I reach my destination.

Unlike most folks, she’s Feli generous — she gives her shopping loot away.
FELICIA: [I was in Disneyland Paris when] I gave my Minnie Mouse balloon to a little girl and she was so happy. Making someone smile is worth so much more than owning things!

Felicia in Disneyland Paris

Free clothes, anyone?  
FELICIA: I was in Shinjuku late one night and as I was trying to catch the last train back to my hotel, I realised that the whole station was filled with homeless people setting up their makeshift cardboard beds. It was quite shocking ’cos I didn’t expect to see that in Tokyo. I was walking past this old man who was shivering from the cold when I suddenly recalled that I bought a S$200 jacket earlier that day. I really liked that jacket a lot, but I felt like he needed it more than me. So I gave the jacket to him. He was quite shocked at first, but after a while, he nodded his head and held on to it. I don’t think he even smiled. That encounter stayed with me and made me realise that there’s another little-known side to the city beyond its glamour and glittering lights. 

She’s easy when it comes to choosing seats on the plane.
FELICIA: Either [the aisle or window seat is fine]. Nowadays, I try to sit at the aisle ’cos I visit the washroom pretty often and I don’t want to disturb other people. But, once in a while, I like to sit at the window seat ’cos the view is different.

She knows her angles. For travel #OOTD noobs, all you have to do is to watch, learn, then copy. 

felicia eiffel
Felicia at the Eiffel Tower. She says: “The Eiffel Tower is one of my must-go places when I get engaged or when I go for my honeymoon."

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