We’ve just stepped into Ocean Park for its annual Halloween Fest and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be here. But we guess we didn’t yet know that a series of unfortunate events would occur during and after this media preview.

First, the theme park would hog headlines for the wrong reasons, after a fatal accident at their Buried Alive scare-ttraction — just a day after we walked through the very same premises. At press time, the attraction has been temporarily suspended for investigations. Also closed for the time being is the Down to Hell attraction, which is described as “a free-fall stunt jump”, after a journalist sustained a minor injury (more on that later). It has since been changed into a demo attraction. 

Still, it’s still business as usual at Ocean Park, as well as at the rest of the attractions at Halloween Fest. Here are some other terror-ble attractions that will have you screaming for your mama. 

Admission tickets start from HK$438 ($75.80) for adults and HK$219 for kids. 

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