Travelling Green This Earth Day Is Not As Difficult As You Think

Go the extra mile and do your part for the environment, even on vacation. Nope, it’s not that complicated, nor does it only have to happen on Earth Day on Apr 22.

Start with these three ways.

#1: Stay in eco-friendly surrounds.

Sustainable travelling begins at home — your holiday home, that is. Stay with like-minded environmentally-conscious individuals who rent out their eco-friendly abodes made from sustainably-sourced materials.

bamboo house in bali 2

Go to: An all-bamboo house in Bali ( The hand-constructed home is nestled on the terraced slopes beside a river, 45 minutes away from Ubud. It’s among 18 bamboo villas within the Green Village, an organic farm and a school for sustainable living. The bamboo used in the construction of these Instagram-worthy structures are sourced from hundreds of local individual farmers.

#2: Choose a nearby destination.

Travelling on foot is the most eco-friendly option, but it doesn’t mean you have to stay home all day. Instead, go somewhere that you can travel to by bus, train or boat — these modes of transportation generate much less CO2 emissions than planes. Nevertheless, there are ways to reduce your carbon footprint when you fly. Newer planes are lighter and more fuel-efficient, like the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The Boeing 777, too, reportedly has a fuel consumption 27 per cent less than similar-sized aircraft. Green warriors can consider skipping transits and fly nonstop instead — take-offs and landings are the most fuel-intensive parts of a flight.

club med bintan

Go to: Club Med Bintan, less than an hour away by ferry. Pencil in a trip from May 5 to 28 during its Body and Soul health and wellness retreat, with an array of some 30 fitness activities that happen to be earth-friendly too. Whether you opt to stretch it out at one of the myriad yoga classes (laughter yoga, anyone?), shimmy at a Bollywood dance class, meditate at sunset, or send your kids to Zumba, you’ll be sure that it’ll do all sorts of good for your health and the environment. A 4D3N weekday ferry package is $975 (adult) and $609 (child). Go to for more info.

#3: Be apps-olutely sure.

Maybe you’re a numbers person. Maybe you’re not quite convinced how snuggling in Economy rather than Business Class doesn’t just save you money, it’ll save the Earth too. The Carbon Emissions Calculator app estimates the amount of carbon emissions caused by travel. Select your mode of transportation — and even class of travel on a flight — and try not to balk at the stats. (A solo traveller on a one-way trip from Singapore to London generates 747kg of CO2 emissions in Economy, and 1,495kg on Business.) Feeling bad yet? Get the Green Globe app, which provides a list of sustainable hotels, resorts and tours worldwide, with deets about the business’ sustainability certifications.


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