Travel Gadgets To Pimp Your Economy Seat

Make travelling in cattle class a little more swish with these unusual travel doodads.

A little creativity goes a long way, especially when you're cooped up in an Economy seat on a long-haul flight. 

FLY LEGSUP (main pic) 
Feels like: Business Class. Kinda.
Plane-ly speaking: There are no raised leg rests in Economy, so this travel hammock for your legs may be as close to a lie-flat experience you’ll get for a fraction of the price of a Biz Class ticket. This Aussie invention aims to help you elevate those gams — especially on a long-haul flight — which improves blood circulation and reduces swelling. Plus, it makes curling up in your little nook more comfy. Attach the contraption to the seat in front of you (the makers assure that the passenger in front won’t be disturbed), inflate the two pillows provided, fit them in the hammock, and voila!
A$69.95 (S$73.85) from Fly LegsUp  (

8tr2606 kids2
Photo: JetKids

Feels like: A Suites experience — for the kids.
Plane-ly speaking: Treat your kids to First Class-esque travel with this multi-purpose suitcase that holds your kids’ barang (their fave toys may not always fit into standard carry-ons); acts as a mode of transport for your munchkin; and converts an Economy seat into a flat bed (yes, it even comes with a mattress.)

8tr2606 kids1
Photo: JetKids

It’s only suitable for children aged seven and below, though we wish there was an adult version. The BedBox fits nicely under the seat, so there are no excuses for not stowing it under the seat during take-off and landing.
$249 from Luca & Vic (29 Haji Lane) and

Photo: Woollip

Feels like:
An updated version of the ridonkulous Ostrich Pillow.
Plane-ly speaking: This inflatable travel pillow is purportedly so fuss-free, it just needs 15 secs and five puffs to be ready for use. It’s designed to be used in multiple ways. Prop it on the tray table and snooze face down, on your side, or even share it with your travel buddy. It’s said to be inspired by massage chairs and was developed in conjunction with physiotherapists to search for that elusive perfect sleeping position in a cramped Economy seat.
$55 from Kris Shop (

8tr2606 headphones
Photo: Bose

Feels like:
You’re in a private jet — as long as you close your eyes.
Plane-ly speaking: You can’t get rid of crying babies on the plane, but you can pretend they’re not there. The noise-cancelling technology in these headphones is top-notch, so you only hear the tunes (or the movie you’re watching) — in amazing sound quality too. But keep them on even when the music’s off to remain in your own little bubble — deafening sounds of the plane engine chugging away is reduced to just a barely-there murmur, while screaming kids and chatty neighbours can hardly be heard. Heck, you could meditate onboard if you wanted to. It’s practically made for travel — it’s wireless so you can easily schlep to the loo; and folds neatly into a compact box.
$559 from Atlas (


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