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These Travel Wallets, Bags & Accessories Have Anti-Theft, RFID-Blocking Technology — So You Can Travel With A Peace Of Mind

Keep personal info on cards and passports safe from thieves with these travel accessories.
These Travel Wallets, Bags & Accessories Have Anti-Theft, RFID-Blocking Technology — So You Can Travel With A Peace Of Mind
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Travel comes with its risks, including scams and thefts that could happen anywhere. That’s why it pays to be on the alert in safeguarding your personal belongings while you’re on holiday. After all, thieves don’t just need to swipe your wallet from your bag or back pocket to steal from you anymore.

As credit cards, passports and more are now embedded with radio frequency chips equipped with RFID technology that store your personal information (the same things that enable contactless payment or passports to be scanned), you could fall victim to a tech-savvy thief who can easily steal your information just by skimming your cards within close proximity with the right tools. While some maintain that the risk of RFID-skimming thefts are low (or they could just have gone unreported), you know what they say, low crime doesn’t mean no crime.

If you’re all about taking extra precautions to stay safe on your travels, consider buying accessories for your travels that are equipped with anti-theft technology to prevent thieves from stealing your personal info just with a swipe of your bag. Herewith, 10 travel products with RFID-blocking protection to consider for your next trip.

Samsonite RFID Passport Wallet

Impress your travel buddies with the sleek and classy Samsonite RFID Passport wallet. Available in black, the subtle cross-stitch pattern on the wallet screams elegance and comes with the added benefit of RFID protection on your personal details. The wallet also comes with four RFID card pockets, so you can store your IDs or even credit cards in it with a peace of mind.
Samsonite RFID Passport Wallet, $24.34, available on Amazon

VULKIT Minimalist Credit Card Holder

If you’re looking to take the less-is-more approach to travel and safety, the Vulkit Credit Card Holder is your go-to item. With an influx of cashless payments on a global scale, credit and debit cards are usually all that’s needed on a vacation. Weighing only 60 grams and featuring a quick-access button to use on the go, this lightweight, sleek form of RFID protection could be vital for protecting the important cards in your life on your travels. Comes in 10 different shades, from space grey to midnight green, leaving you spoilt for choice.
VULKIT Minimalist Credit Card Holder, $39.37, available on Amazon

Nautica Women's Perfect Carry-All Money Manager

Whether you’re on the beaches of Barbados or deep in the concrete jungles of New York, Nautica has the perfect RFID-protected wallet for women. Offering both style and security, this money manager is also great for keeping things organised with carefully positioned pockets, compartments and zippers.
Nautica Women's Perfect Carry-All Money Manager, $38.23, available on Amazon

Timberland Women's Leather RFID Flap Wallet Clutch Organizer

You may not always peg style and productivity together when it comes to apparel or accessories, but one look at the Timberland Women’s Leather RFID Wallet, and you’d think otherwise, we reckon. It comes in eight striking colours and is made from 100 per cent leather, the wallet comes with an ID window, slip pockets and coin zips, allowing you to carry everything you might need. The wallet fits into most clutches and could prove handy for an overseas trip. The RFID protection extends to all items being stored in the wallet.
Timberland Women's Leather RFID Flap Wallet Clutch Organizer, $43.43, available on Amazon

Timberland Men's Wellington RFID Leather Bifold Wallet

No, guys, we didn't forget about you. Similar to the women’s version, Timberland has created a men's version too, a more minimalistic and rugged-looking take on the RFID-protected wallet. It's made from 100 per cent leather, offers RFID protection to everything held within it, and comes in three colours.
Timberland Men's Wellington RFID Leather Bifold Wallet, $24.61, available on Amazon

Travelon: Anti-Theft Metro Convertible Small Crossbody Bag

This doesn’t just protect you from digital theft, the crossbody function is also great for keeping things secure from pickpockets, especially in crowded areas like overseas markets or shopping centres. With five RFID-protected card slots and a passport pocket, a locking zipper, and an adjustable strap, you’ll be walking down the streets of Bangkok or Barcelona with zero fear. The bag is made from slash-resistant material for added protection. Travelon’s Anti-Theft bag comes in three neutral colours that will match just about any outfit.
Travelon: Anti-Theft Metro Convertible Small Crossbody Bag, $56.25, available on Amazon

Sherpani Camden, Convertible Backpack Tote

There’s nothing more handy to take on your travels than a backpack, regardless of what type of traveller you are. Sherpani Camden’s convertible backpack ensures a safe and comfortable travel for you whether you’re hopping from hostel to hostel, or navigating crowds in the airport lounge. Made from 100 per cent recycled material and available in 10 colours, the backpack’s RFID protection keeps your personal information safe at all times. The bag can also be converted into a tote bag for added versatility.
Sherpani Camden, Convertible Backpack Tote, $163.22, available on Amazon

KROSER Rolling Laptop Bag

Travelling for business can be a tedious affair, especially if the trips are frequent. If you’d rather save on the hassle of checking in your luggage, pack light for a short trip with this rolling laptop bag. This multi-purpose bag comes with multiple compartments and fits into most planes’ carry-on requirements, saving you time and money. The wheels on the bag are long-lasting and silent, while the RFID pockets help you protect sensitive information. The laptop bag is also made from water-repellent fabric and comes with a retracting handle for easy maneuverability.
KROSER Rolling Laptop Bag, $242.15, available on Amazon

Faraday Bags for Laptops & Tablets & Phones, 4 Pack

Want to use your own bags but still want added security for your devices and cards? Store them in these water- and fire-proof bags which provide RFID protection, and can also incidentally block any WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS signals, deterring any cybersecurity breaches on your devices while you’re travelling. The material also prevents your items from being tracked if you wish to go off the grid for whatever reason (we won’t ask). Each pack of four contains two individual bags for phones, a bag for a tablet and one for a laptop.
4 Pack Faraday Bags, $68.47, available on Amazon

SAITECH IT 5 Pack RFID Blocking Card

If you’re a no-nonsense kind of person, the Saitech IT RFID blocking card is the one for you. No gimmicks, nothing flashy, but it gets the job done. As long as the card is in contact with the item that stores the sensitive information you wish to protect, it guarantees that no scammer will be able to leech your details. SAITECH IT takes it one step further, however, stating that the card can work within a 2.4-inch radius, allowing for protection over your whole wallet. Being about 0.03 inches thick and the size of a debit card, it fits seamlessly into your wallet. 
SAITECH IT 5 Pack RFID Blocking Card, $23.81, available on Amazon

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