This Is When You Can Book The Cheapest Air Tickets

Yup, for both economy and business class fares.

It’s no secret that finding the cheapest airfares is more complicated than rocket science. What if we told you someone has done all that homework to find out when it’s best to book your travel to get more bang for your buck? That’s what Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation have done — they’ve identified travel booking patterns based on billions of data points of global air travel between September 2016 and August 2017 in this Air Travel Outlook Report.

Here’s everything from the report you need to know to snag the cheapest air tickets.

#1: It’s cheapest to book your flight out of Singapore on: Saturday. The most expensive? Thursday.

#2: It’s cheapest to begin your trip and depart Singapore on: Thursday. It’s costliest to start your holiday on a Sunday.

#3: The lowest prices paid for economy tix was in the month of March. Folks in Singapore paid the most for economy flights in December.

#4: How much in advance should you book for the best fares? 30 days ahead of your travel date.

Putting two and two together, it probably means that it’s cheapest to book your economy flight on a Saturday in March, for a trip starting on a Thursday in 30 or more days, ie April onwards. We would test out this theory for ourselves, but, well, it ain't March yet. Watch this space.

#5: If you’re going for business class travel, book on and start your journey on a weekend. It’s unlikely that business travellers book tickets on weekend, hence, the lower prices. Eighty per cent of corporate premium tickets are booked to fly off from Singapore Monday through Thursday.  


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