For those who are scouring the internet for out-of-this-world places to visit once COVID-19 restrictions are eased, this could be it. But be warned, getting there may be quite the adventure. 

The Museum Of Underwater Art (MOUA), the first and only underwater art museum in the southern hemisphere, was just launched on Aug 1. Located in Townsville North Queensland in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the unconventional attraction comprises a series of installations to raise awareness of reef conservation and restoration. 

The man behind these works of art is British underwater sculptor and marine conservationist, Jason deCaires Taylor, who also helped set up the world's first underwater sculpture park in the Caribbean. 

According to MOUA’s Facebook page, it is highly recommended for visitors to possess a diving license in order to fully experience the underwater museum and appreciate these submerged sculptures. Something for diving enthusiasts to look forward to once we can travel again, perhaps?

But if you don't have a diving license or would rather do some armchair travelling, scroll on for more pictures of the surreal underwater museum in Australia. 

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