1 Plan. A lot.

“I'm quite guilty of researching for Instagrammable places [for a trip]. It's part of my job, right? But [the research] doesn't take up too much time because of how powerful the Internet is. I like to visit places where I can take nice photos so I can share with my followers. Because I'm online so much, all the information I get is from Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Every place that I go to is influenced by what I see online. In that sense, I do plan my holidays according to how 'Instagrammable' a place is.” 

2 Download these apps.

Her favourite photo and video editing apps? “For photos, it would be Adobe Lightroom which comes with advanced functions, and I use that on both my phone and laptop. If it's just on my phone, it'll be VSCO images and Snapseed. I would say editing on mobile with these apps would be on par with editing on a laptop. Of course, if you're using a laptop, you can be more precise because you can zoom in and use the mouse to edit. For phones, you have to use your fingers which aren't as precise. For videos, I use Final Cut Pro on my laptop, which allows you to do a lot more compared to doing it on mobile apps.”

3 Don’t be afraid to use more than one app on one photo.

“I use different apps for different things. For example, VSCO is very good for the overall colours and themes of the photos. I go with that first before going into Lightroom, where I can control specific colours like having more orange without diminishing the green, for example. If the photo needs it, I pop it into Snapseed, which I use mostly to brighten up specific parts of a photo, instead of the entire picture. For example, when the background is bright and the subject is dark, Snapspeed allows you to brighten up just your face.”

4 Light up.

“Lighting is very important. I use flash minimally, and if the environment is really dark, I would keep my hand as still as possible when taking the picture and drop the ISO. If you have a tripod, use it.”

5 Get as much background as possible.

“When you're travelling, you don't want to take a picture with a white wall as the backdrop. Then it would be no different than taking it in Singapore. I normally look for a background that would remind me of that place.”

6 Colour matters.

“Before I travel, I would research the place and plan my trip down to the hour. While doing that, I will look at the colours of the place, and I will match my outfit to the colours of the scene. For example, if I'm going to a very green place, I will wear yellow or red. I will already have an idea of how I want the photo to turn out.”

7 Focus on what’s available.

“I don’t have a favourite place to take an OOTD. It really depends on the location. I just came back from Tokyo, where there wasn’t much nature in the places I visited. It was mostly cafes, which I enjoyed taking pictures in because every city's landscape and cafes are very different. There must be something about a place that’s unique and different.” 

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