[Update, Nov 11: Read the latest update about the Singapore Hongkong air travel bubble here.]

If you miss travelling, there’s a glimmer of hope: Hongkong and Singapore have established a two-way air travel bubble (a first for Singapore!). This means that people in both places will be allowed to travel for leisure, as well as other purposes such as business. At press time, details are still being ironed out, though it could happen in the coming weeks. 

Here's what we know about the Singapore-HK air travel bubble so far.

What it is: Singapore and Hongkong have agreed to establish a two-way air travel bubble which will allow for leisure and other forms of travel between both places. Transport minister Ong Ye Kung announced this on Oct 15, and said that details are still being finalised. 

When does it start? Launch date and application details are to be confirmed, though Mr Ong hopes it will happen in a few weeks.

Who can travel? There is no restriction for purpose of travel, or age or nationality — anyone who’s lived 14 days in either place, regardless of nationality or age, can travel for leisure or other forms of travel (a two-week holiday in Hongkong, anyone?). The only exception is foreign workers living in dormitories in Singapore, which is at the request of Hongkong, but Mr Ong said that they may be included in time as things stabilise. There is also no restriction on requirement for a controlled itinerary as well. 

Got quarantine? No. Visitors will not be subject to a quarantine or Stay-Home Notice (SHN) upon arrival, said Mr Ong.

Must take Covid-19 test? Yes, mutually-recognised tests are required, and you have to test negative for Covid-19 before you can travel, obviously. In Singapore, each test costs $186. However, details such as when the tests have to be carried out or which airlines are involved have not been confirmed.

Other things to know: There will be a quota on the number of travellers allowed. Travellers can only fly on dedicated flights, and there will be a limit on the number of flights both ways, though details have yet to be revealed. Transit passengers will not be allowed on these flights. Mr Ong also said that should there be a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases, the arrangement could be suspended.

TL;DR: People will soon be allowed to travel between Singapore and Hongkong, even for leisure. You’ll have to take Covid-19 tests, flights will be limited, but because details are scant at the moment, you probably shouldn’t book that air ticket yet.  

Photo: Unsplash/Fre Sonneveld