Can’t afford Hermès’ $57,200 mahjong set, but still want a fancy set of tiles to flaunt at Chinese New Year? Good news: Singapore Airlines has just unveiled its own mahjong set, which features the airline’s iconic batik motif and other flight-related elements on the tiles.

03 case

The limited edition mahjong set is available for pre-order on the KrisShop website, and is selling for $338, or 42,450 KrisFlyer miles (a regular mahjong set is usually anything from $50 to over $100). Delivery will be from Jan 4, 2021 onwards.

The first thing you’ll notice is the signature batik print, all shiny and glossy on the back of all the tiles. But look closer and you’ll find delightfully surprising elements throughout as well.

02 tile data

The flowers and seasons tiles are tinged with local inspiration and the batik motifs. And the white board tile isn’t just an ordinary rectangle — it’s an aircraft window, you guys.

04a whiteboard

Scrutinise the tiles in the Bamboo suit and you’ll realise they’re little airplane seat maps. The first bamboo tile, usually a picture of a parrot, is the Singapore Airlines logo in this set. The design of Circles tiles are inspired by aircraft engines.
05 bamboo circles

Even the chips are emblazoned with batik motifs, and dice are clad in SIA’s signature blue and yellow hues. 

06 chips

Available for pre-order at $338 from
Photos: KrisShop