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Singapore Airlines Extends KrisFlyer Miles Expiry In 2022 — PPS Club & KrisFlyer Elite Statuses & Miles Also Extended

Good news: No miles will be expiring in 2022.

Singapore Airlines Extends KrisFlyer Miles Expiry In 2022 — PPS Club & KrisFlyer Elite Statuses & Miles Also Extended

It’s been two long years of no travel, and while VTLs are getting people back in the skies again, not everyone’s comfortable with travelling again just yet. So what do you do now that your hard-earned miles are languishing in your account about to expire, even before your next long-awaited holiday?

Luckily for KrisFlyer members, Singapore Airlines has just announced an extension to PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite statuses for another year — the third time in a row since the pandemic began, in fact. These extensions will automatically take place and no action is required from members.

So what is Singapore Airlines extending and by how long? Here’s a closer look:

KrisFlyer miles expiring in 2022: Extended by six months at a time, at the end of each month. For instance, KrisFlyer miles expiring in Jan 2022 will be extended to Jul 2022; if the miles remain unused by the end of Jul 2022, they will be extended to Jan 2023. This will also apply to miles that have been extended before.

To check the expiry date of your KrisFlyer miles, log on to your account on the website or app and go to Miles > Miles Validity to see the monthly breakdown of miles expiring in the next 12 months.

KrisFlyer Elite statuses: Also extended for another year are KrisFlyer Elite Silver and Elite Gold statuses that are due to expire between Mar 2022 and Feb 2023. The extension will take place on the last day of the month of your current membership expiry — that is, if it’s due to expire Mar 2022, the renewal of your membership will take place on Mar 31, 2022 and will be reflected on Apr 1, 2022. Tier expiry for all KrisFlyer Elite members resumes only from Mar 2023.

Elite miles: Elite miles earned in the last 12 months prior to this extension will be credited back into KrisFlyer Elite members’ accounts. Elite miles earned during the previous member qualification cycle will also count towards requalification in the Mar 2023 to Feb 2024 cycle. Each KrisFlyer member (from Mar 1, 2022) is eligible for a one-time re-crediting of Elite miles.

Singapore Airlines has also launched a slew of new KrisFlyer milestone rewards for members with 1,000 to 2,500 Elite miles under their belt.

PPS Club statuses: Singapore Airlines is automatically extending for another year all PPS Club due to expire between Mar 2022 and Feb 2023 — that is, they will be extended until between Mar 2023 and Feb 2024.

All PPS Club/Solitaire PPS Club members will receive a one-time credit of the full amount of PPS Value required for renewal of membership status for another year. This will be credited into the KrisFlyer account as Reserve Value based on the member’s membership tier and tier renewal end-date. PPS Club and Solitaire PPS Club (qualification before Jun 1, 2018) will receive 25,000 Reserve Value, while Solitaire PPS Club (qualification after Jun 1, 2018) will receive 50,000 Reserve Value.

PPS Rewards and KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards: Expiry extended to Dec 31, 2022, for PPS Rewards and KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards (previously Elite Gold Rewards) that are due to expire in 2022. ICYMI, the KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards was launched last year to reward KrisFlyer members with Elite miles earned from flying on SIA and Scoot flights.

New KrisFlyer members perks on Scoot flights from Feb 2022

In addition, Singapore Airlines and Scoot have rolled out additional benefits for KrisFlyer members who fly on Scoot from Feb 2022:

PPS and KrisFlyer Elite members: Priority boarding, complimentary standard seat selection and additional 5kg check-in baggage allowance (with any baggage purchase), and 25 per cent more KrisFlyer miles earned.

KrisFlyer members: Earn 2.5 Elite miles for every KrisFlyer mile earned from flying on Scoot (previously 1 Elite mile for every KrisFlyer mile).

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