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One Of Queen Elizabeth II’s Houses Was Listed On Airbnb Before Her Passing — This Is What It’s Like Inside

The royal family usually spend Christmas in the same estate.


One of Queen Elizabeth II’s houses was listed for rental on Airbnb a day before the monarch’s passing.

The home, listed on Airbnb innocuously as a Garden House, is a four-bedroom, two-bathroom quaint English cottage nestled in Sandringham in the Norfolk countryside, about 170km north of London. It can accommodate up to eight guests and three pets and is surrounded by plenty of gardens.

Prices on Airbnb were listed at £237 (S$386) to £364 (S$593) per night. It was fully booked out until August 2024 (that's as far as Airbnb’s booking calendar goes) by the time that news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing broke on Sep 8.

However, the Airbnb listing has been taken down out of respect, a few days after the Queen's passing. TMZ reports that it may be possible that the property will be relisted in future, and that people who've made reservations will be refunded.

Sandringham is best known as where the royal family famously gather every Christmas and New Year, albeit in the Queen’s private countryside residence, Sandringham House.

The quaint English cottage on the Airbnb listing sits in the same Sandringham estate. While it’s not the actual house where the British royal family spend their year-end holidays (obviously), it was formerly occupied by her head gardener, and is the closest house to Sandringham House.

Besides Sandringham House and the Garden House, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s second home is also on the sprawling estate -- the 10-bedroom Anmer Hall that the Queen gifted to them in 2011, according to People magazine. 

The Garden House property that was on Airbnb has belonged to the royal family since 1862, and sits on 24 hectares of land that is open to the public.

According to the listing description on Airbnb, “this charming Norfolk hideaway, owned by HM The Queen, nestled within the heart of her much-loved Sandringham Estate country retreat and the closest estate property to Sandringham House itself, is all about an appreciation of the great outdoors and the beautiful gardens it sits within.”

It also stated that furniture and pictures in the home were once housed in a royal residence.

Dining room
Living room and a second dining area
The four bedrooms in the house
Second bathroom

Photos: Airbnb, screenshots

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