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These Are The Pokemon x Scoot Flights You Can Book Now & The Themed Experiences You Can Expect Onboard The Pikachu Jet

Gotta catch ’em all?


Yellow, is it Pikachu you’re looking for on your next flight out of Singapore? Then you may want to book one of Scoot’s Pokemon-themed flights when they launch on September 9.

Yes, the low-cost carrier is launching Pokemon Air Adventures which will see a Dreamliner 787-9 aircraft, lovingly christened the Pikachu Jet, decked out in a kawaii Pokemon-themed livery. The plane has a capacity of 375 seats — 35 in ScootPlus and 340 in Economy.

While details are still scant (though eagle-eyed aviation enthusiasts have already spotted the colourful plane at Changi Airport before its official launch), Scoot has provided a sneak peek on its website.

Besides a photo-worthy plane exterior, the Pikachu Jet will also have Pokemon-themed interiors and plane seats, and Japanese-inspired food and drinks will be available. Exclusive merchandise, including Pokemon lanyards, tote bags and bucket hats, can be bought as well, and there will also be Pokemon-themed in-air activities organised onboard.

Scoot will be operating flights on the Pikachu Jet to Tokyo and Seoul from September 9, with two scheduled flights per month.

Here's a schedule of Pikachu Jet flights that you can book for now:

One-way fares from Singapore to Tokyo’s Narita airport start at $333, while flights from Singapore to Seoul start at $231 (prices are for one-way tickets, inclusive of taxes). Of course, this is subject to each country’s prevailing travel restrictions, which means travel to Japan will have to be via organised tours.

If you fancy a free and easy trip, a quick check shows that return tickets to Seoul on the Pikachu Jet both ways will set you back by $434 (two-way Economy ticket, before adding on luggage fees and more).

However, the airline has said that flight routes will be reviewed and adjusted periodically based on demand.

Additionally, the Pikachu Jet will be rostered on other routes as part of regular airline operations, so you may find yourself on the Pikachu Jet even if you didn’t book it specifically. More will be unveiled at the official launch later this month, so watch this space.

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