Peanuts On Planes: Yay Or Nay?

They do serve other snacks on flights too, y'know?

Netizens have gone nuts over nuts served on flights, after a toddler with a nut allergy recently suffered a severe reaction onboard a Singapore Airlines flight. The three-year-old’s parents ordered a nut-free meal for him, which he received, but when numerous passengers around opened packets of nuts that’d been served as snacks, his eyes swelled and he started vomiting within minutes. His condition was brought under control with the medication that his parents were carrying.

SIA is currently reviewing serving nuts on its flights, major airlines such as Air New Zealand and Qantas have long had policies to ban peanuts from all flights and limit the use of peanuts in inflight meals. 

Netizens, however, have been left divided. Some are sympathetic towards (hey, it's not like you asked to be allergic to something, right?); others have gone as far as declaring that they wouldn’t fly if SQ stops serving nuts, while some think people are just over-reacting.

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