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Now Available: Hourly Travel Insurance From $1.80 For 6 Hours For JB Day Trips Or Bintan Or Batam Weekend Getaways

It’s much cheaper than conventional travel insurance. So what’s the catch?

Now Available: Hourly Travel Insurance From $1.80 For 6 Hours For JB Day Trips Or Bintan Or Batam Weekend Getaways

The days of impromptu JB jaunts or spontaneous Bintan weekend getaways are finally back.

But if we’ve learnt anything from the pandemic, it’s that travel insurance is a must-buy for overseas trips, whether you’re going for a long European vacay or a day trip to Legoland in JB. For the latter, there’s now a travel insurance policy that lets you buy travel protection on an hourly basis.

NTUC Income has just launched FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance for travellers to Bintan, Batam and Malaysia which not only costs a fraction of the price of conventional travel insurance policies, it comes with Covid-19 coverage as well.

How much does it cost?

The minimum charge is $1.80 for six hours of protection, while additional coverage costs $0.30 per hour, and this is capped at a maximum charge of $3 for 24-hour coverage. In other words, for a short weekend getaway, you could be paying $6 for two days with this plan, compared to $32 for Income’s classic travel insurance plan.

Of course, with such a big difference in pricing, the benefits are largely different from regular travel insurance plans as well. The newly-launched pay-by-hour travel insurance is designed to cover short-term trips via land or sea up to a maximum of seven days. In comparison, conventional travel insurance policies have more comprehensive coverage that includes flights, and offer travel protection for up to 180 days.

The key benefits of the FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance include loss of baggage and personal belongings due to robbery or snatch theft, fraudulent use of bank card while overseas, relief for additional transport expenses due to snatch theft, robbery or road accidents, and reimbursement for unused entertainment tickets purchased for your trip.

Folks heading out for nearby golfing day trips will also be pleased to know that it also includes golfer’s cover (including stolen golf equipment from a locked car and subsequent rental of golf equipment).

Covid-19 coverage benefits include medical expenses incurred overseas and emergency medical evacuation if required.

Income FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance key benefits

To be eligible for the FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance, you have to be living or working in Singapore and have a valid Singapore identification document. You also need to be starting and ending your trip in Singapore, and have bought the policy before leaving Singapore. 

The travel insurance plans are accessible via the My Income mobile app, and plans are purchased based on date and time of travel. The app has a geolocation feature which detects when you’re departing or arriving in Singapore, and will send push notifications to remind you to activate or terminate the plan according to your location. However, if you don’t want to turn on the geolocation feature, this can be done manually on the app as well.

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