Is It Really Cheaper To Buy Air Tickets On Tuesdays?

Or do you save more on Sundays? And why are tix so expensive on Saturdays? These travel insiders have the answers.

If you want to save on airfares for your year-end holidays, read on. 

#1: How early should you book your air ticket?

At least 21 days in advance, all three travel insiders we asked agreed.

According to Skyscanner’s ( data, you save 21 to 22 per cent if you book 21 to 25 weeks in advance. Director of Asia Pacific at Kayak (, Amy Wei, recommends buying airplane tickets at least one month ahead for short haul flights and six-and-a-half months for long haul. Meanwhile, Expedia’s ( study on travel trends in 2016 shows that booking on a weekend more than 21 days in advance is easiest on the wallet.

#2: Is the Tuesday myth a real thing?

Are air tickets booked on a Tuesday really cheaper, or is it just an old wives’ tale? It depends.

Kayak concurs, with its stats showing that travellers save up to 12 per cent on airfares on Tuesdays. (The most expensive day to purchase tickets? Saturday.) According to Expedia Asia’s regional head of consumer public relations, Lavinia Rajaram, prices for flights originating from Asia Pacific — both short and long haul — are lowest if you buy on a Sunday. For example, it’s 38 per cent cheaper if you book your flight from Asia Pacific to other destinations within the region on a Sunday; while trips from Asia Pacific to Europe and the United States are up to 29 per cent and 25 per cent lesser respectively when booked on a Sunday.

#3: Should you start planning for your end-of-the-year getaway?

It’s a unanimous yes from all the travel insiders.

A Skyscanner report reveals that booking by early September would yield the best deals for Christmas getaways; while Kayak’s data suggest it’s the best time to book three-and-a-half months ahead of the December school holidays. Either way, you ought to get down to it, stat. 


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