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An Indonesian Man With Covid-19 Dressed Up As His Wife So that He Could Fly

His actions did not fly with the authorities, obviously.

An Indonesian Man With Covid-19 Dressed Up As His Wife So that He Could Fly

Think you couldn’t be more desperate to travel? Think again.

An Indonesian man with Covid-19 dressed up as his wife, just so that he could get on a domestic flight to travel from Jakarta to Ternate.

The man, who was only identified as “DW” in reports, wore a niqab (a full-face veil) to cover his face. He also used his wife’s passport and her negative Covid-19 test results, and managed to board a flight on Indonesian low-cost airline Citilink on Jul 18.

He was busted on the plane when he decided to change out of his disguise mid-flight. A cabin crew noticed that he had entered the lavatory on the plane in women’s clothes but emerged in men’s clothes.

Police said that he bought the plane ticket under his wife’s name, and brought her identity card, PCR test results and her vaccination card with him.

He was arrested upon landing, and was tested immediately for Covid-19, where the results returned positive. He is currently in isolation at home, and will be prosecuted after the quarantine period.

No word on where the man’s wife is, or if she was aware of his, er, travel plans.

The incident comes amid strict travel restrictions in Indonesia, due to a surge in Covid-19 cases in Indonesia. Some three million people have been infected and over 74,000 have died.

Photo: Unsplash/chuttersnap

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