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We Toured Scoot’s Pokemon-Themed Plane — Here’s What To Expect When You Book A Flight On The Pikachu Jet TR

Kawaii IG-worthy touches everywhere.


Scoot first announced earlier this month that it was launching Pokemon-themed flights in Singapore from Sep 9, and the plane will operate flights to Tokyo and Seoul. But other details of the plane and inflight experiences were shrouded in mystery, save for a few photos by eagle-eyed travellers who spotted the Pokemon plane on the tarmac at Changi Airport.

Well, not anymore.

Scoot today (Aug 30) unveiled the Pokemon-themed plane, more affectionately known as the Pikachu Jet TR, at Changi Airport at the official launch with a few special guests.


No, Pikachu pilot and pal won’t be onboard the Pikachu Jet TR. But the plane is swathed in an adorable Pokemon-themed livery, and there’s a whole host of Pokemon-themed merchandise, meals and special onboard themed activities in store.

We got a tour of the Pikachu Jet TR ahead of its inaugural flight on Sep 9 to Tokyo. Here’s a closer look at what to expect when you book a Pokemon-themed flight on Scoot.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, decked out in Pokemon images that were specifically custom made for Singapore, has a capacity of 375 seats.

Spot Pikachu everywhere on the plane. Photo props will be available on Pokemon-themed flights for all your IG needs.

There’s themed music and announcements playing as you board the plane as well, which kinda makes you feel like you’re in an amusement park of sorts. Add to that special Pokemon-themed activities — we hear it could be anything from games to dances by Scoot cabin crew in costumes — and you’ve got a full Pokemon flight experience.

Shopaholics and Pokemon fans, rejoice. There’s an array of exclusive merch like tote bags, bucket hats, lanyards and a collector’s edition of the aircraft model with the Pokemon-themed livery available. These can be purchased while you’re booking your flight from Sep 9, or onboard the inaugural flight.

If you’ve never found a reason to order meals onboard a budget flight, perhaps Japanese inflight meals in Pokemon packaging could change that.

The Pikachu Jet will operate flights to Tokyo's Narita Airport starting from Sep 9, and to Seoul from Sep 22. Fares for one-way tickets start from $333 for Tokyo and $231 to Seoul (inclusive of taxes).

The Pokemon-themed plane operates flights to both cities twice a month, but routes and schedules will be reviewed periodically (view the Pikachu jet’s schedule here). The fixed flight routes for Pokemon-themed flights will rotate every two to three months.

However, the Pikachu Jet will also be among regular flights rotation, so some customers may find themselves on the plane even if they’ve booked a regular flight with the low-cost carrier, albeit without the special inflight activities.

Get a closer look of the Pikachu Jet TR in this video walkthrough:

00:56 Min
Video: Pyron Tan
Photos: Jasmine Teo, The Pokemon Company, Scoot 

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