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You Can Now Have A Fuss-Free Overseas Holiday & Feast Your Way Around The World — Here’s How & Where To Go

How to travel safely and explore eats around the world.

You Can Now Have A Fuss-Free Overseas Holiday & Feast Your Way Around The World — Here’s How & Where To Go

If you’ve found yourself reminiscing about the sweet flavours of fresh king crabs in the Arctics, indulging in Florentine steak or tasting delectable ice wine in Canada, you probably aren’t alone.

After all, if there’s one thing we miss about our pre-pandemic travels, it’s the authentic taste of local food — there’s just no better way to get to know a place than to wine and dine like the locals. Now that leisure travel is getting back on track, it’s time to start planning for an epicurean adventure that’ll satisfy both your wanderlust and taste buds.

Plus, when you book a tour with Chan Brothers Travel, you’ll get to travel with ease — think smaller group sizes, free cancellation and flexible refund policies — and can count on their dedicated team to prep you for everything.

Now all you’ll have to do is to jet off to your long-awaited vacay on one of these deliciously fun tours across the globe.

Oh Seoul shiok

Tongin Market

If you’re all about the K-wave and love street snacks like spicy tteokbokki, look no further than the 8D Korea Time Out tour. For an old-school touch, go back in time and get your hands on Korean street snacks at Tongin Market. There, you’ll be able to purchase an empty bento box and traditional coins to exchange for traditional Korean faves as you walk along the street.

Joyangbangjik Cafe

For a more hands-on experience, learn to whip up your own seafood pancake in a culinary lesson. Visit the nostalgic Joyangbangjik Cafe on Ganghwa Island for a touch of history. Fun fact: the building it's housed in was a former textile factory built in 1933; it was renovated in 2018 and reborn as a large unique café gallery and art museum — perfect for a cuppa and the ’gram.

Embark on a gourmet trail Down Under

Port Lincoln

South Australia may just be one of the most underrated foodie destinations yet. When you embark on the 9D Ultimate South Australia Gourmet Trail tour, expect delicious oceanic treats during your visit to Port Lincoln, fondly known as the seafood capital of Australia.

Oyster Farm Tour

Then, head on down to Coffin Bay to experience the Oyster Farm Tour, where you’ll get to wade out into beautiful waters and taste the freshest Pacific and native Angasi oysters. And if you love chocolates and wine, tours of Adelaide-based Haigh’s Chocolates and local wineries will surely please your palate. In fact, you’ll even get to savour a leisurely four-course meal in the heart of Barossa Valley, an award-winning wine region.

A toast to Germany

German pork knuckle

The 11D Classic Germany Romantic Road tour will have you marveling at medieval architecture and the impressive Olympic Tower in Germany. But a trip to Germany isn’t complete without German pork knuckle, or schweinshaxe. A signature Bavarian dish, it’s best enjoyed with red cabbage or sauerkraut alongside potato dumplings.

A crisp pork knuckle pairs perfectly with an ice-cold beer — and where better to get your fix of malt beers than in the city of Bamberg in Franconia? Sip on (or gulp, if you wish) Bamberg’s famous smoked beer — malted barley is dried over an open flame to achieve its dark hue and distinctive smoky flavour.

Carb lovers will also appreciate munching on maultaschen, or German ravioli. Originally found in the region of Swabia, the hearty dish is accentuated with various herbs and spices for an explosion of flavours with every bite.

Meat up in Italy

Juicy Florentine steak

Oven-baked pizzas and pastas aside, the one thing you’ll have to sink your teeth into in Italy is the Florentine steak. As one of the best-known and appreciated dishes of Tuscan cuisine, it’s served as part of a five-course meal in Florence — a main highlight in the 12D Italy Romance tour. Made from a hefty cut of porterhouse steak that’s so yummy, all it needs is a little salt and drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to elevate its natural flavour.

Experience the fine life in France

Arcachon Bay oysters

Aside from tucking into piping hot French cassoulet, the one experience you should not miss is slurping up some local Arcachon Bay oysters with a squeeze of lemon juice. Plus, get to know how the locals prepare and enjoy their fresh catch, such as steaming the oysters over a bed of pine needles.

Taste some of the best wines in France

And if you appreciate a fine tipple, the 14D France Winery and Chateau Tour will also make a pitstop in St Emilion, known for its world-famous wineries and prestigious bottles. You’ll also get to visit one of the oldest cognac houses, Martell Cognac, which has been around since 1715.

Stir up some Swiss cheese


Mention Switzerland and a couple of things immediately come to mind — fine timepieces, chocolates, and cheese. That’s what you’ll get with the 10D Splendours of Switzerland tour. As part of the itinerary, you’ll get to visit Biel, home to famous watchmakers; taste some of the finest cocoa-based products; and stir your way to Swiss heaven with a fondue dinner featuring cheese, meats and chocolate.

The taste of passion in Spain

Seafood paella

One of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine is probably seafood paella, and you’ll get to have your fill of the flavourful rice dish in Valencia on the 12D Enchanting Spain tour.

Savour some more tapas, or small plates, in Granada. Traditionally, these were complimentary bar snacks that would accompany beer or wine.

Spanish suckling pig

Meat lovers, however, will definitely gravitate towards the roast suckling pig in Segovia. It’s traditionally roasted in a wood oven, and placed in a clay pot with water and butter. Word has it that the meat is so tender, restaurants often use a plate to split the roast — no knife required.

Finland’s freshest flavours

King crab

The 10D Arctic Circle Adventure tour will have you feasting on the freshest king crabs as part of the itinerary. Found in the cold seas, these prized crustaceans are lauded for their massive size and fresh taste. Finns enjoy its natural flavours as the flesh is sweet, succulent, rich and delicious — a must-try for seafood lovers.

Movies, music and memorable eats in USA

Niagara Falls

Movie buffs will definitely appreciate what the 13D Best of East America With Niagara Falls tour has in store. For one, you’ll get to visit Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, a seafood restaurant chain inspired by the 1994 film Forrest Gump. The resto is huge on shrimps, as well as Southern and Cajun cuisines, as the characters of Forrest and Bubba were from Alabama. Have fun checking out memorabilia, playing Forrest Gump movie trivia and trying to signal for the waiter with a “Stop, Forrest, Stop” sign.

Hard Rock Cafe, another pitstop on the tour, probably needs no introduction. The famous American-owned brand combines the best of rock-and-roll, music memorabilia and American-style diner fare. If there is one F&B entertainment venue that represents America’s enduring mix of music memorabilia, hospitality experience and rock relics, it’s Hard Rock Cafe.

Hershey’s Chocolate World

For chocolate lovers, Hershey’s Chocolate World is the place to be for an interactive cocoa-filled experience — learn and see how chocolate is made, and bring home lots of yummy edible souvenirs.

Comfort nosh and cosy feels in Canada


Should you book the 11D Canadian Rockies Wonderful Escape tour, you can look forward to a unique mountain dining experience at ski resort Whistler Blackcomb. Get on a gondola and head on to Steeps Grill and Wine Bar, where fine British Columbia cuisine and regional Canadian wines await.

Also, you can’t say you’ve been to Canada without trying its iconic ice wine — it’s the world’s largest producer of the indulgent dessert wine after all. Made from grapes frozen while still on the vine, it’s often referred to as "liquid gold", and is best enjoyed with dessert or as a sweet conclusion to the end of a meal.

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