Just how much do you miss travelling? Do you miss it enough to: A) go on a staycation, or B) pay to dine on a stationary plane?  For one creative mum, it’s C) all of the above — and more.  

A woman living in Hongkong recently went viral for her efforts to recreate the flying experience for her son in the comfort of her own home.

02 boy with food
Cheap and cheerful flycation, anyone?

The Hongkong-based Taiwanese mumfluencer not only served a meal worthy of Economy Class, but she plated it up like one too. She captioned: “Accurate representation of a plane meal. I’m most proud of finding a bread roll that’s so similar to that served on a plane. #breadashardasstone”. 
03 food and tix data
Think this looks like a typical picture you'd take on an actual plane? You're not alone.
She also prepared inflight entertainment, replete with flight information and a safety video, all playing from an iPad, we mean, inflight entertainment system. She even found an old plane ticket from last May, when she last flew from Taiwan to Hongkong, to use as a prop.

04 food2
Her son managed to snag a, ahem, window seat.
The icing on the cake is the window seat she’d reserved for him. Uh huh, that’s the washing machine doubling up as a plane window. She even revealed what the view was like on that day. “The view outside the ‘plane window’ is Daddy’s underwear,” she quipped. 

It’s not a true flycation at home if you don’t find the humour in it. Her post on Facebook, which she hilariously tagged as ‘Travelling to Taipei, Taiwan’ by the way, went viral soon after she uploaded the photo. She captioned: “I’m travelling! Doing a ‘flycation at home’. When the plane food was served, it was as if I could almost smell the airplane (don’t you think there’s a certain scent on planes?).”

05 bts data
She even shared behind-the-scenes pics like this one, showing how she managed to pull off this feat. It ain't so plane and simple, okay?

06 cabin crew uniform data
Cabin crew reporting for duty

That’s not all. A couple of days later, she found inspiration to dress up as cabin crew.
06a cabin comparison
Faux Cathay Pacific uniform vs the real deal. (Photo on right: Instagram/@abbyfly0608).

07 pilot data
Her son joined in the fun by dressing up as a pilot.

08 outfit
What she used for her #cabincrewOOTD
Want to cosplay as a Cathay Pacific flight attendant like her? She revealed how she did it: a little red dress under her cherry-printed pajamas. To complete the look, she used Chinese New Year decorations as a scarf.

And that’s how you fly in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Photos: Facebook/trex0913