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You Can Book This Villa In Korea That BTS Stayed In For S$9.65/Night — Available Soon On Airbnb

BTS stayed at the luxurious property to film In The Soop season two.


If you’ve watched BTS on the second season of their reality show, In the Soop, you’ll probably be familiar with every nook and cranny of this sprawling mansion. The series follows the seven boybanders unwinding in the Korean countryside, chilling out, frolicking in the pool and even cooking together. Perhaps you’ve even pictured yourself living it up in the swanky property like the boys did.

That could very well happen because the villa that BTS stayed in on In The Soop will soon be available to book on Airbnb. But before you start thinking of ways you’re going to re-create your favourite scenes from the show, there are important details to note.

The house will be available to book for a one-night only stay on Aug 29 for two guests, and it will set you back by - get this - US$7 (S$9.65) for the overnight experience.

Bookings open on Airbnb on Aug 2 (Tue) at 11am KST (that’s 10am Singapore time) so ARMYs, set your alarms and fall in and book it here. At the risk of stating the obvious, this will be hot property as soon as bookings open, so get ready and log in to your Airbnb account before that.

Nestled in lush countryside of Pyeongchang (yes, where the Winter Olympics 2018 took place), the villa is a 20-minute car ride from the KTX Pyeongchang station, and round-trip transport will be provided. However, you’ll have to find your own way to KTX Pyeongchang station (it’s a one-and-a-half-hour train ride from Seoul).

According to Airbnb, some of the same furniture and amenities that were featured on the show will still be there, so you could be lounging on the same sofa that BTS chilled out on.

Rooms will also be adorned with photos of the K-pop idols (who else?).

There will also be a karaoke machine teeming with BTS’ hits and albums so you can jam out to your hearts' content — no need to ask for ‘Permission to Dance’.  

All meals and snacks will also be provided, which means you’ll get to indulge in the K-popsters’ favourite charcoal-grilled Korean beef (they called it “the best taste in the world” on the show), tteokbokki and egg tarts served at BTS’ label’s music museum, HYBE INSIGHT.  

The only thing that’s missing from this dream Airbnb stay? The boys themselves. Then again, what did you expect for US$7?

If you don’t manage to book that highly sought-after stay, there’s still hope yet.

According to the listing’s house rules, if the first person who successfully books the Airbnb stay doesn’t abide by booking rules, the second person who requests to book will be given a chance to stay instead.

And while there’s only one overnight stay available, Airbnb says that “fans will have another opportunity to visit the In the Soop BTS property another way soon”.

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