It was announced yesterday (Nov 11) that the air travel bubble between Singapore and Hongkong will take off on Nov 22. Naturally, travel-starved folks immediately snapped up air tickets, and flights for the first two weeks of the travel bubble are now sold out. But there's still hope yet for those who are itching to travel before 2020 ends.

Under the ATB arrangement, travellers can only take designated flights operated by Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific to Hongkong. From Nov 22 to Dec 6, there will be one flight per day each way, each with a quota of 200 passengers.

From Dec 7, there will be two flights a day.

The flights under the ATB arrangement are SQ890, SQ891, CX734 and CX759.

As expected, tickets were snapped up within a day, and a quick check on the airlines’ websites show that there are no available seats left. Well, at least for the first week of the ATB. 

There are still tickets available, albeit at a higher price, from the second week of December, when the number of flights increase to two daily.

On Singapore Airlines, tickets are still available from Dec 8 from $918 onwards. Among the earliest available tickets on Cathay Pacific are for Dec 6 flight, with prices from $745. 

sq prices

However, there are tickets on Cathay Pacific going for $557 if you travel from Dec 7. 


But we expect those will disappear soon too, so it's still down to fastest fingers first.

Of course, jetting off to Hongkong for a holiday during these pandemic times also involves a lot more logistical planning, such as scheduling mandatory Covid-19 tests (read more here), so getting your paws on air tickets is just the first step.

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Photo: Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific/Facebook, screenshots