If you’d rather spend Chinese New Year taking rollercoaster rides, splashing down giant water slides, and making your kids go for lion dance classes, you probably should hightail it to LegoLand Malaysia Resort in Johor. The whimsical world of colourful plastic bricks is a mere half-hour drive from Tuas Checkpoint. 

And just for this month, a whole host of huat-tastic activities await — build a Lego Great Wall of China, kick around a shuttlecock in a traditional Chinese game of jianzi, among others. Or hop on the plethora of park rides, including the world’s first VR rollercoaster, The Great Lego Race and Lego Ninjago Ride. 

Once you’re all theme park-ed out, take a brick, we mean, break in the LegoLand Hotel. Here, you get to live out your pirate/adventure/medieval kingdom dreams with your kids in these super ’grammable and fun themed rooms that accommodate up to a family of five. A combo ticket for entry into both parks is RM200 (S$67). Prices for the hotel start at RM1,920 (S$645) over the CNY weekend. For more info, go to https://www.legoland.com.my.

Photos: LegoLand Malaysia Resort 

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