9 Travel Apps Celebs Can’t Vacay Without

These will help you save money, save time and save face.

Can’t imagine a holiday without your phone? Neither can the cast of Boeing Boeing, who tells us what makes them app-y.


Mapwayapps: “I was introduced to this by a friend to help me navigate the London Tube. I absolutely depend on it when I’m exploring the city. It’s super easy to use and gives me what I need fast! I even use the Singapore version!”

Rick Steves’ Audio Europe travel app: “This has a series of self-guided tours to the best tourist spots in Europe. I don’t have to spend money on renting the museums’ audio guides, and there are a gazillion museums in Europe. I saved a lot of money plus gained a lot of knowledge ­— minimal output, maximum input. Very Singaporean, I know.”

Companion: “It’s a safety app that allows a friend to accompany on your journey virtually. I haven’t had to use it personally, but I think it’s a great idea and hope it’s been helpful to the solo lady travellers out there.”



Google Maps: “It’s accurate, gives me alternative routes when I need them, and it's reliable!”

Google Translate: “You can use your camera to take pictures of signs in foreign languages and it’ll immediately translate it for you!”

Yelp: “In countries where people use it, it is a great resource. Trip Advisor is also really good! All the apps I like address three very important questions when I’m overseas — one, how do I get to a certain place? Two, what are you saying? Three, where shall we eat? (Laughs) I'm very basic!”



Google Drive: “You could lose your device or your storage card might fail when you come home. It’s like insurance for your precious memories. I have a subscription to 1TB of cloud space, which should be enough for multiple devices during a reasonably long holiday.”

Open Camera (Android only): “This app allows you to take pictures and videos with higher bitrates or a higher frame rate without having to lug around a bulkier camera.”

AkibaAR: “If you’re an otaku on your maiden trip to Akihabara (Electric Town) in Tokyo, you will be so bowled over by all the toys, games, anime, manga etc that you won’t even be able to breathe. You will be gobsmacked by the fact that there’s just not going to be enough time to visit every shop you want to! Having an AR (augmented reality) app of the area that organises lists by interests aids you… somewhat. You’ll always never have enough time when you’re in Akihabara anyway!”


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