5 Inflight Safety Videos You’d Pay Attention To

Katie Holmes and Keyboard Cat are among the stars in these clips.

You won’t be dozing off or browsing inflight magazines before takeoff — not with these entertaining airline safety videos (including that Singapore Airlines one that’s gone viral) that will have your rapt attention.

#1: The one that'll make you see Singapore in a new light
By: Singapore Airlines 

Visitors who think we’re a sterile nation that's oh-no-fun will think twice after they’ve watched this. In the new Singapore Airlines inflight safety video, a Singapore Girl doles out mundane perfunctory safety precautions as she serenely glides around our sunny island that’s drenched in elegant, romantic champagne tones. Sure, Gardens by the Bay has always looked like part of the Avatar universe. But you won’t find warring Na’vi in this vid — it’s the perfect backdrop for a happy Hollywood montage set in a utopian paradise. Even if you’re Singaporean and have been to these local landmarks — River Safari, Henderson Waves, among others — many times, you'll still feel a swell of pride when you're watching this vid (on repeat, we bet).

#2: The one that looks like a Tim Burton movie
By: Air New Zealand

The kitschy kaleidoscopic video is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, though Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr (no, they’re not New Zealanders) are dressed like Hunger Games extras (Panem forces, anyone?). But the Hollywood stars are really omniscient beings who traipse around New Zealand’s iconic spots, make smores over volcanic lava, fiddle around with oxygen masks as they meander through floating hot air balloons in mid-air, and, with a gentle wave, are able to line up and transform constellations of stars into a plane’s escape path lighting. Magic!

#3: The one that will show you how to be très chic on the runway
By: Air France

There’s more to the safety belt on the airplane. “It will elegantly highlight your waistline while keeping you safe”, as this fashionably fun posse (gotta love the outfits) tell you in this whimsical Air France safety demo clip. After all, there’s nothing like slickly choreographed moves, a dash of tongue-in-chic humour (“Because it is trendy, please put your electronic devices on airplane mode”) and bold, red lipstick to get jaded, inattentive passengers to sit up and pay attention.

#4: The one with all the memes
By: Delta Air Lines

Keyboard Cat, Dancing Baby, and cabin crew taking on the ice bucket challenge are just part of the meme-rable motley crew crammed into one American airline’s inflight video. Don’t be surprised to see folks do the Harlem Shake — rather than dabbing — since this video is a few years old. It doesn’t make it any less entertaining, though we wonder if an updated version would include jibes at United Airlines’ PR woes that’ve been the fodder for countless memes.

#5: The one that can pass off as a Step Up sequel
By: Virgin America

If the Glee and Pitch Perfect gangs grew up and got real jobs, this may be it. A pioneer of irreverent flight safety vids, the Richard Branson-helmed airline upped its game with this Jon M. Chu-directed song-and-dance extravaganza, choreographed by the dance whizzes from American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. The end result is a spectacularly fun mash-up that features everything from doowop and Broadway to contemporary jazz and “robot rap” that 12mil (and counting) people have watched on YouTube. It’s so catchy, you may even find yourself bopping along to the tune (no, it’s not the turbulence). 

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