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5 Dos And Don’ts To Fengshui Your Way To A Better Holiday

Pack right, book the correct hotel rooms and… walk sideways into the room?

5 Dos And Don’ts To Fengshui Your Way To A Better Holiday

Want to boost your luck or even find romance on your travels? Mark Tan, CEO of Way Fengshui, shows us the, ahem, way to a great vacay.


1) As the Romans do
“Fengshui is the practice of creating harmony and the two most important results of going on holiday are happiness and harmony. Following the cultural practices of the host country promotes harmony between locals and visitors, reducing incidence of conflict during your holiday.”

2) Knock on the door when you first enter a hotel room
“This is to show respect to spiritual occupants and to signal your intention to occupy the room. Walking sideways when first entering a hotel room is recommended. Also, flush the toilet when first entering a hotel room — this symbolises the removal of unwanted energies from previous guests and a new beginning.”

3) Fill the room with as much sunlight as possible
“Stay in a hotel room with windows. In fengshui, it is believed that darkness represents excessive yin energy. Switch on all the lights in the room to enhance the yang energy. A room that’s unoccupied for a period of time contains yin energy, which may cause uneasiness.”

4) Wear lucky colours
“To boost travel luck, incorporate the annual auspicious colours — this year, they’re blue, green and black — into your outfits. It’ll also give you peace of mind if you have a fear of flying.”

5) Bring a precious stone, or three
Hermatite: Grounds one’s energies, reduces fatigue and emotional turmoil.
Kunzite: Opens the heart to love, releases fear, and lowers stress levels.
Lepidolite: Calms frayed nerves and eases stress and worry.
Lithium quartz: Alleviates stress and aids peaceful sleep.
Pink kunzite: Improves both romantic and interpersonal relationships and increases popularity.


1) Sleep directly under a beam
“Especially sloping beams, as this causes emotional stress. If the bed is positioned underneath one, position yourself away from it. If that’s not viable, request a room change.”

2) Face a mirror while sleeping
“It’s not ideal for a mirror to be placed directly opposite the bed as this creates emotional stress and leaves you feeling uneasy. If you happen to be in a hotel room with such a layout, cover the mirror with a towel for a good night’s rest.”

3) Stay in corner rooms
“Fengshui is about creating a balance between environment and self. It’s best to avoid corner rooms as excessive yin energy will leave you uneasy and drained of energy.”

4) Leave shoes pointing inside the room
“Worn shoes are believed to carry negative energy accumulated from outside. As the tip of footwear acts as the channeling point of these energies, position your footwear towards the outside or walls to negate this effect.”

5) Pick up anything from public areas
“In fengshui, everything has its own energy. Unclaimed items are likely to contain negative energy. Bringing these objects back to your accommodation means bringing in negative energy.”

Going on a road trip? Here’s what you can do for a safer trip.

Keep car clean and clutter-free
“A clutter-free vehicle allows for the smooth flow of qi and clears your mind, keeping you in optimal condition to drive safely.”
Place cushions in the backseat
“A balance of yin and yang is indicative of good fengshui. Driving produces sound and movement, which are yang characteristics. In order to balance this, place soft cushions in the backseat as a symbol of yin energy.”
Place photos of loved ones in the vehicle
“It promotes positive emotions for a harmonious and safe ride.”
If possible, only drive during daytime
“In fengshui, it is believed that darkness represents excessive yin energy which causes uneasiness. Besides, driving in the day allows you to see further for a safer drive.”
Rent a car that’s of your auspicious colour
“An alternative is to place ornaments of that colour in the car. Your lucky colour is based on your ba zi. If you don’t know your personal auspicious colours, use the auspicious elemental colours based on the season you were born in. If you’re born during the winter months (November, December and January), go for fire element colours such as red and orange. If you are born in spring (February, March and April), use metal element colours such as white and gold. Water element colours such as blue and black are beneficial for those born in summer (May, June and July). Green, representative of the wood element, is an auspicious colour for individuals born in autumn (August, September and October).”




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