Since taking root in the local fashion retail scene in 2015, Beyond The Vines has been steadily creeping up the popularity ranks for its understated yet thoughtful pieces. The label started by husband-and-wife duo Daniel Chew and Rebecca Ting just opened a chic new 2,000 sq ft flagship store at Funan, and also debuted a bold move — its first unisex collection. 

A unisex collection? Hmm, tricky. How to make clothes that will look masculine enough for the average guy but won't be baggy and shapeless for ladies? From this collection, titled Crew Collection: Unified Utility, where a third of the pieces are unisex, it seems like the magic is in the structure of the pieces. Many of the pieces boast structured, almost boxy cuts that give that masculine silhouette, yet give shape to the female form.

There are also the details — contrast stitching, bold shapes and colours and an interesting mix of materials and hardware accents, leading to a stylish, androgynous take on functional and utilitarian fashion. The idea is provide staple pieces with statement twists which can be mixed and matched for everyday wear, to "inspire a sense of balance and gentle fortitude in its wearers."

Did this collection fly with some members of the team who are known to be a bit more out-of-the-box when it comes to their fashion choices? Read on. 

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