What's In Irene Kim's Suitcase?

Packing tips and travel beauty hacks from social media darling, model and travel host Irene Kim.

The K-influencer (aka @ireneisgood on IG) was in town late last year to plug her travel show, M.U.S.T. Singapore. We get the frequent traveller to dish on how to look like a million bucks, even when you're on the road. 

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We recall seeing multiple suitcases and a lot of shoes on an Insta-story when you were at home packing for fashion week trips. Any packing tips?

I used to travel with nine suitcases — I’ve cut down a lot! I try to plan each outfit before I go, but it never works out that way. It really depends on my mood or the weather. When I go to shows, I work with PR agencies [of the brands] so I get looks from them and mix and match with whatever I have. I bring the basics, some fun pieces, and I shop [wherever I am] too. I also pack whatever I’m really into at the moment. For Paris Fashion Week, [the only footwear] I packed were boots of different heights and styles. If I’m taking two suitcases, I’d fill half of each suitcase with clothes, and the other half with shoes. [You can’t pack all the shoes into one luggage] ’cos that gets too heavy. I also have a smaller suitcase for my beauty stuff and pajamas.

You’ve been in four countries in the past month. What do you have in your carry-on to ensure you look like a million bucks even after a long-haul flight?

I take a lot of sheet masks. I really love Dr Jart and Innisfree — they’re so cheap and they work. I slather on moisturiser, then put [a face] pack on top so it locks it all in and hydrates me. On the plane, I make sure I drink a lot of water and get up and stretch. I take along this [Pilates] plastic stretching ring that helps me stretch. I don’t have time to work out, so I’ll do it on the plane. People stare at me like I’m crazy, but I just do it anyway (laughs). I also have these scented eye masks from Japan that warm your eyes. It helps me sleep. I also take sliced lemons so that I can put it in my water. That’s secret, though. I don’t think I’m allowed to take food on the plane!

You got the fashion world to really notice you when you dyed your hair three years ago, and you’ve always had rainbow-hued hair since. How do you maintain that mane?

I don’t really like hair products ’cos they give me breakouts [on my face]. Instead of using conditioner after washing, I put a bit of my face moisturiser in my hair. If you put it on your face, I’m sure it’s okay for your hair. After all, hair is also skin, right? It’s made up of dead skin cells… right?

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