What Do Millennials Really Want For Valentine’s Day?

Are flowers and chocolates too sweet and old-fashioned for this complex, social media-savvy bunch? Are Millennials as materialistic and self (and selfie)-obsessed as some say? We asked a few Millennials what they really, really wanted, and the results may be a little surprising.

#1 Travelling together
For Millennials, it’s more about Instagrammable experiences together, and less about the usual boring ol’ gifts. Even if it’s just a backpacking trip to Malaysia, that waterfall wefie in Sabah would say so much more about your relationship than a pic with yet another bunch of (very expensive) red roses. Start saving up, and surprise bae with a flight ticket next V-day. In return, he or she can pay for the Airbnb.

#2 A Netflix subscription
“Leave your toothbrush at my place?” So Year 2000. For Gen Y-ers, that same commitment might go along the lines of “Wanna share a Netflix account with me?’ If there’s one thing that Millennials want to pay for, besides rent and bills, it would be subscriptions to entertainment — be it music, TV shows or online books and magazines. So if you’re looking to take your relationship a step further, how about gifting or sharing a Netflix or Spotify subscription? The Millennial couple that Netflix and chills together, stays together. And if things go south, well, there’s always immediate cancellation (ouch).

#3 Stuff that makes your other half look good
For the Millennial boyfriend, buying make-up for his gal is not the mystery it was for generations of clueless guys before him. While your dad would consider buying a bottle of perfume for your mum a major accomplishment, Gen Y guys are a savvier lot, especially since they can see that their girlfriends have been tapping through and @FentyBeauty on Instagram non-stop. Score serious points by getting her the famous-on-Instagram highlighter of her dreams, or help him up his selfie game by adding to basket some styling clay from a hipster hair brand.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo, $50 from Sephora
kevin murphy
Kevin Murphy Free Hold Styling Cream, $115 from

#4 App store credits or game credits
If you’re one half of that cute, geeky tech couple, game credits could be the way to go this Valentine’s Day. Sure, it probably won’t help with his or her gaming addiction, but maybe you can spend some quality in-game couple time together and, um, level up your relationship? 

#5 A home-cooked meal
Millennials are so on-the-go with work and school that getting home in time for a proper home-cooked dinner may be a rarity. Surprise your partner this year by taking some time out to prep a to-die-for feast. Add a bottle of wine, candles and the “Romantic dinner” playlist on Spotify, and let things heat up and boil over.

#6 A staycation
Okay, so you may not have the time or the moolah for a real traipse abroad. A staycation is the best way to make like you’re on vacay without blowing the bank.  For a couple of days, you and your other half can live it up and pretend that work is 5,000km away instead of just 5km. Also, don’t forget to Insta-stories the hell out of your staycay.

lloyd s inn
Instagram-friendly: The Big Skyroom suite at hipster-rific boutique hotel Lloyd’s Inn

#7 A handwritten declaration of love
Millennials may seem to be all about the $500 sneakers, torn designer T-shirts and swiping right to find a partner, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t sentimental. When we asked Millennials what they wanted for Valentine’s Day this year, many said that a simple and sincere card would suffice — who knew? Generation Y collectively agreed that the best Valentine’s Day gift is not about getting them something they want, but about giving them things they probably won’t, or can’t, get themselves. So what are you waiting for? Get that pen and paper, and get cracking. 


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