This Ad For Fashion Brand Moncler Has No Clothes And No Model

That's 'cos it features the Invisible Man, shot by Annie Leibovitz.

Rub your eyes, and look again. Yes, there is a man in this image, and no he is not a ghost. That's Liu Bolin, the Chinese dude known as the “Invisible Man”, who awed the world some years back with a series of self-portraits, where he seemingly dissolved into his surroundings by painting himself in amazingly precise strokes. These days, Liu is sought after in the art, fashion and even music world for his talents, and his latest is a Spring/Summer 2017 ad campaign for French-Italian fashion brand Moncler. Shot by the one and only Annie Leibovitz, Liu disappears into a bookstore and the foliage of New York's Central Park by painting his face, hair, body parts and the Moncler Doudoune Legère snowsuit he's wearing. Whichever way you look at it, it's quite transparent that this is genius. 

Taking the camo trend to a whole new level: Liu Bolin's chameleon skills are unparalleled. 

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