Robinsons Closes Down In Singapore; Exits Market After 162 Years

Thanks for the memories, Robinsons.

Another one bites the retail dust. Department store Robinsons has announced that it will be closing its last two stores in Singapore at The Heeren and Raffles City Shopping Mall. The Robinsons outlet at Jem shut in August this year.

As one of the oldest retailers in Singapore with a 162 year history, it's sad news for those who have fond memories of shopping at Robinsons, in a time when the retail scene was much, much simpler and less competitive.

According to a report in The Business Times, senior general manager Danny Lim said: "We regret this outcome today. Despite recent challenges in the industry, the Robinsons team continued to pursue the success of the brand. However, the changing consumer landscape makes it difficult for us to succeed over the long term and the Covid-19 pandemic has further exacerbated our challenges."

Employees were apparently told today (Oct 30) and will be paid in line with the next payment cycle. The department store has reportedly been making losses for a few years, and we guess the pandemic was the last straw.

Robinsons stores in Malaysia will also undergo a similar liquidation process. Meanwhile, is it sale and stock clearance time at its last two stores at The Heeren and Raffles City Shopping Centre? As of today, the stores are still open. Stay tuned to find out when the shutters will come down for good.

Thanks for the memories, Robinsons.

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